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Joe Garcia readying run against David Rivera

Joe Garcia has been making call to Democrats and donors announcing he will jump in the race against Republican U.S. Rep. David Rivera.

Garcia, who ran against Rivera for the then-open seat in 2010, has been mulling a run since state Rep. Luis Garcia (no relation) dropped out of the contest, prompting Democrats to try unsuccessfully to recruit former Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas before settling on first-time candidate Gloria Romero Roses.

State and national Democrats appeared settled on Roses, a Southwest Ranches businesswoman. But Miami-Dade Democrats have appeared slower to warm up to a candidate they don't know who lives far outside the congressional district, which extends from Southwest Miami-Dade to Key West -- and who worked for a condo management company involved in a dispute with the Service Employees International Union. Last week, Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chairman Richard Lydecker said he would be happy to see a primary in the race.

Garcia also ran unsuccessfully for the same congressional seat in 2008, against then-incumbent Mario Diaz-Balart.

Story here. Watch Garcia's video announcing his run (and featuring Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman, Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace and Robert Is Here) here.


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Not to mention that he lost last cycle against David Rivera. How many times can Democrats nominate a loser?


Give it up Dems. Don't waste your money. You will not beat David Rivera, no matter how badly you attack him or how much money you spend. Here's a good idea, review your efforts of the last campaign, the scathing and strong attacks, the enormous disbursements and the landslide loss. And don't forget to look at the candidate opposing him. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Ana Navarro

Run, Joe, Run!!! It's the best gift Mitt Romney could get in Florida.


Joe Garcia will truly energize the voters...the Cuban Republican voters! All he would do is lose, while pulling down the other Democrats on the ballot along with him.

The Dog

Typically, Republicans will continue to support a crooked crook of a low down crazy thief like David Rivera anytime in a race against a Democrat. The bigger the crook, the greater the support.

Harold  Perez

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Like the 50 year old US embargo?


Good for Garcia,anything but the Rivera one


I hope he makes an issue Rivera's corruption, criminal probes, and his overrall nasty personality.


The looser is running again? Nooooo, please!

Concerned Democrat

The Dems had a winner in the other Garcia (Luis)...But DWS is a spiteful hag...

John C

I hope Joe can figure out how to beat the 10,000+ absentee ballot machine the republicans have.

Denny Wood

Just say no Joe Garcia. I kept telling you how to win, and you kept not taking the advise. I told you to confront Rivera at forums about Rivera an Rubio's Anti-ERA behavior at the Florida Legislature and you did not do it. You gave both Rivera and Rubio a free pass at the forums.

I gave you their anti-ERA records, ERA lobbyists to call and you did not use it. You, blew your own election and all the contributions supporters dumped in your coffers.

There is a democrat named Roses running. Just use your fund raising talents to support her. We need a tough as nails opponent to take Rivera out of the Congress.

Arturo de Cordoba

Run Joe Run, allways the looser, when will you learn. I know is hard, but keep on trying


Joe's got this! He's running against the most corrupt member of Congress and some lady nobody ever heard of. Good to finally have a good candidate in the race.


Good to hear. Rivera is a corrupt, lowlife sleaze ball. Take it to 'em, Joe.

Et tu, Brute?

Garcia will loose in his own democratic primary, he is disliked by his own party as he is by the Republicans... I think he is hoping to be a tool for all those seeking to do business with the Castro brothers over at Cuba,Inc.

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