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Justices nearly missed filing deadline so took a break in redistricting hearings

AP reports: Florida Gov. Rick Scott nearly got a chance to replace three veteran state Supreme Court justices.

That's because Justices Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince almost missed the noon Friday deadline in order to qualify for the ballot this year.

The seven-member court abruptly put a court hearing on redistricting on hold for more than an hour in order to allow the justices to finish their paperwork and turn it into state elections officials.

When asked it about on Friday, a court spokesman said that a personal matter had come up unexpectedly.

Dan Stengle, a lawyer working on behalf of the campaigns of the three justices, acknowledged Monday that it was discovered at the last minute that certain forms had not been turned in due to an "oversight" by the campaign treasurer. Read more here.


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And here we see what is more important to these Ewoks on the state supreme court, not justice for all, but retention of their high chairs on the court.

And these are the same Hindnesses who are telling other, less high-n-mighty judges that they can't speak their minds to the Legislature without permission!

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