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Marco Rubio on Mitt Romney's VP pick: "He's going to make a great choice"

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. was interviewed by CNN's Candy Crowley for an episode of State of the Union airing today. Here are some excerpts:

Jeb Bush - your mentor, your colleague - says he really hopes if Mitt Romney comes to you and asks you 'I want you to be vice president,' that you would say yes.

RUBIO: Well that's very nice of Jeb, I hope he'll say yes if future President Romney asks him. You know-

CROWLEY: And he in fact indicated he'd certainly look at it.

RUBIO: Yeah, well that's good because I think he'd be a fantastic vice president. But let me just say this about the vice presidential process. Up to now it's all been theoretical, we have a nominee now, and our nominee, Mitt Romney, the leader of the Republican Party, has a vice presidential process in place. And I think from this point moving forward, I think it'd be wise for all Republicans to kind of respect that process, myself included, and say moving forward, we're going to let his process play itself out. He's been a great decision maker throughout his career in both the private sector and in politics and he's going to make a great choice.

CROWLEY: Sorry, do you still stand by 'I wouldn't accept it if he offered it?'

RUBIO: Yeah, I'm not even going to discuss the process anymore. I'm going to be respectful of the process he's put in place. And I think that's-

CROWLEY: That's kind of different though, than what you said before.

RUBIO: No, it's the same. I think the fairness in it is that he now has a real process in place. He has folks that he's hired and has asked to go through a vice presidential process. The last thing he needs are those of us in the peanut gallery to be saying what we would or would not do. So, here's what I know: I know that Mitt Romney's going to make a great choice for vice president. And I know Mitt Romney's going to make a great president for this country.