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Marco Rubio to get Brookings intro from foreign policy pal, Joe Lieberman

If you haven't seen enough of Sen. Marco Rubio in the newspapers, blogs, Twitter, the cable shows or in person, you have another shot to catch the Republican vice-presidential shortlister noon tomorrow at a Washington Brookings Institution.

Rubio, a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, is scheduled to give a "major speech" on foreign policy, his office says.

And for those who think he's being too partisan these days, Rubio will get an intro from Independent  Sen. Joe Lieberman, fellow foreign-policy/Israel hawk. The two travelled to Libya after Qahdafi fell (but before he was killed) and co-authored a Wall Street Journal op-ed on the matter in June.


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For more info and to watch online: http://www.brookings.edu/events/2012/0425_rubio.aspx

rick elliott

Will the real Joe Lieberman please stand up!

Joe Lieberman cozies up to another right-winger? Anyone surprised? Why is it that Lieberman, a life-long Democrat, again prefers to be 'in bed' with the Right Wing? Well the answer is quite simple as I see it. Sen. Lieberman seems to care less about the U.S. economy, U.S. student loan problems, U.S. environmental issues, and even the loss of U.S. servicemen fighting in 3rd world countries than he does about a secure future for his beloved Israel. He wanted Saddam Hussein gone? So he partnered with the 'Texas Right' group of Bush, Cheney, Wolferwitz, and Crystal to invade Iraq! Now he wants Iran dealt with? So he’s jumping into bed with Romney, Rubio, and whoever else might be willing to send American kids to die for the interests of Tel Aviv! It really is a disgrace, and I question Lieberman's priorities & his motivations.

By the way Joe, I thought you were retiring. Why all of a sudden this strong impulse to help throw out Obama? Might it be because the President is standing up to the Israeli pressure groups, and their American surrogates? Might it be because Obama is unwilling to bomb Tehran for Netanyatu? Might it be because finally we have a U.S. commander and chief who is unafraid of pushing Israel to do the right and moral thing; namely to agree to a 2 state solution with an independent and contiguous Palestine? Is that your problem with President Obama, Joe?

I can only hope that the support of Lieberman and his fund-raising buddies for this Romney campaign is not being negotiated at too great a price for my America! I can only hope that Joe's 'kind' assistance in ousting Obama is not being 'purchased' with a guarantee by Romney's puppeteers to "take out" Iran once Romney is seated in the White House! It remains true enough that 'politics makes for strange bed-fellows'! But this is ridiculous. Think about it! A liberally raised Jewish kid from the Northeast ends up ‘in bed’ with a right-wing Texas consortium of hawkish, ultra-conservative military-industrial business guys? Did they meet at the opera on the Yale campus? Did Joe and George W. play basketball together in high school? They sure didn't meet at Joe's synagogue in Hartford! What possibly could be the common ground? They would tell you that the common ground is patriotism, pure and simple. But I'm Jewish so I can say this! I HOPE the common ground IS purely the interest of my beloved America, and I pray that what is best for Israel is NOWHERE in the 'formula' being hammered out by these ‘good-old boys’ in a back room somewhere!

Shame on you Joe Lieberman! Your daddy would not be proud!


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