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More sloppy paperwork: Marco Rubio fined $8k for campaign-contributor violations

When Marco Rubio served in the Florida House, he failed to disclose a generous home loan from a bank in 2006. More than a year later, Rubio double-billed taxpayers and the Republican Party of Florida for about $3,000 in flights that he later sorted out. And after he was elected to the U.S. Senate, his official online biography incorrectly said his parents fled Castro's Cuba.

Now comes the latest example of sloppy -- at best -- paperwork problems from Rubio: failure to "refund, reattribute, or redesignate these contributions within the appropriate timeframes," according to the Federal Elections Commission.

Total amount: $210,173.

Total fine: $8,000.

This repeated pattern of billing and paperwork errors is the grist of political-attack campaigns. It's also the very type of suprise-a-day problems that will keep Mitt Romney's presidential campaign from asking Rubio to join the ticket. After all, top Romney advisers also worked for Gov. Charlie Crist in 2010 when he ran against Rubio -- whom they tried to frame as a "slick" rule-breaking Miami pol.

This fine, a settlement, was reached in March. Details were just made public and were reported by Politico. This is a civil infraction, not a criminal one, and resulted in part from the fact that Rubio's campaign was swamped with donations from across the nation as he rocketed to political stardom in 2010.

But, the FEC said, even after the campaign was notified of problems, more cropped up. From the FEC:

"Respondents contend that although they refunded all contributions noted in the refenal, an internal audit of the Committeefinancialrecords demonstrate that the actual amount of excessive contributions not refunded, reattributed or redesignated timely was $61, 958. Respondents acknowledge that an additional $22,400 in contributions clearly stated on the check or transmittal device that the funds were a joint contribution, but the Committee failed to send the letter requesting written verification of the joint contribution pursuant to 11 C.F.R. § 110.1(k).

"Respondents acknowledge some designations and/or attributions were lost during transition from one compliance vendor to another, due to the fact that some data was sent to both vendors and each assumed the other was dealing appropriately with the information. In addition to the new compliance vendor, the Committee attested that all relevant reports were amended following their internal audit and reconciliation."



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R B Quinn

The farcical Rubio has got to go ... Rubio for Vice President ... of Absurdistan!


After Batista removed President Carlos Prio Socarraz one year febore the scheduled election in Cuba and during Castro's stay in the mountains that complete decade had pushed Cubans to fled the Island to the USA, some on an emergency basis, some not,The only Cubans that left the Island for economic purposes were a small group that settled in Union city , who were claimed by their relatives who worked for American companiers in Cuba and later came to N.J. to the Textile Mills.Almost everyone else came because of the Revolution or the instability provoqued by same.
Is really amazing how they go after Marco Rubio, what ever happened to the monies refunded by Sergio Pino to contributors to the Jeb Bush campaign?, thousands of dollars in a special account, did that ever come to an end?
His ability and or capability to be a Vice President has nothing to do with it.
The scrutiny the Media made about Obama concealed almost every radical History of the man, this is nothing,

Can't take anymore

Not a bad day for Lil Marcocito when he can stick roughy $198K in his pocket and then be threatened with a dinky fine of $8K. These FEC fines are universally reduced to zero when candidates lawyers get involved. No wonder Marcocito wanted to be in the Senate and then get on the VP ticket: there is so much more money to rip off of fall into his lap. Like a kid in a candy store.

The Dog

Marco Rubio will eventually get caught at the same games that his good buddy and former roommate, David Rivera, is famous for. Apparently, it is starting.But, what else do you expect from a Florida Republican? They are all corrupt to the core.

Mary Coheres

Rubio needs to push for the VP now if he wants to one day become president of the U.S.A., if he does not by 2016 he will in some type of scandal, maybe sexual with some guy.

Also, Rubio is going bald, and there has never been a bald president. You can tell that comeover he has is getting worse and worse.


Another GOP Crook.....


You are so funny, is that what you have against Marco?
what a country!


He must be doing something right,
otherwise, why all the attention


Cubans will vote Republican regardless who is on the ticket. Don't see how Marco Rubio helps Romney when all the Cubans will vote for him anyway.

Amador Amor

Sad to say Rubio has become a veteran politician caught with his pants down. No wonder, people outside of South Florida always say that the capital of Cuba is Miami and Miami's adopted capital is Havana. There are not only Cubans living in Miami. There other Spanish speaking people and other minorities who do not like Rubio. After 3 mistakes, Rubio's got to correct himself and admit his shortcomings. He is still young and who knows, he might be able to reach his dream of becoming a VP or Pres. after 2016.

George Fuller

Rubio "Little Mel" is being coy regarding the VP spot.......He knows he is not a natural Born Citizen (born of two US Citizen parents) but he will keep his mouth shut....

Jose Aguirre

Marco Rubio we pray that Mitt Romney puts you on his ticket. Only the older Cuban sheep will vote for Mittens because you have been picked as the latest Republikkkan TOKEN. Hispanics not counting our elder Cubans vote for their best interests I.e. Democrat by a vast majority (78%). The newspaper says you are sloppy I see you as sneaky and a panderer like Mittens to the extreme right Tea Bags even though you are working on a modified Dream act that your party will never ever let pass. Marcito the real leaders of your party would only let you in their homes to mow the lawn or wash the cars were you not such a behind kisser. Mittens please put the sneaky Cubanito on your ticket to assure us Four More Years just like Sarah assured us of the first four. Obamanos!

John Dong

Hahahahahaha, Mary's comments are way to funny. Rubio is going bald, he is starting to look like Donald Trump with that massive comeover. hahahahaha, how funny would he look if he was bald.


What bothers me about Rubio is not that he embellished his personal story for political gain. It is that he would deny immigrants the same opportunities he & his family have enjoyed.

It is not that Rubio failed to make payments on his home for 5 months & his students loans during that same period. It is that he had the money, but mismanaged it.

It is not that Rubio used the Florida Republican Party credit card for his personal use. It is that he broke the rules.

It is not that Rubio rails against government spending. It is that his own spending habits have been out of control.

It is not that Rubio has accomplished very little as a US Senator. It is what he accomplished: co-sponsored the Blunt Act & outlined an alternative version of the Dream Act in just the last month or so. Both of which are amongst some of the most punishing legislation the Republican Congress has either voted for or proposed.

It is not that Rubio wants to lower the deficit. It is that he wants to give more tax breaks to corporations (corporate welfare) & pay for them by defunding/eliminating the social safety net insurance programmes like food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc. as well as Medicare & Social Security although the latter have nothing to do with the deficit, but all of the aforementioned keep money circulating in the economy.

Rubio ignores that government is "we, the people," not some nebulous entity. We, the people, gave our collective consent to create the social safety net & agreed to pay for those programmes so the less advantaged, most vulnerable have their most basic needs filled & retirees have something to fall back on.

It is our government; it is our money that we invested in for our future & our children's future & generations to follow. We believe everyone should be given the same opportunities for a better life.

While Rubio claims to be fiscally responsible his own personal finances & his policies say otherwise. There is every indication Rubio would squander our money just as easily as he did his own & along with it our future.

Randall McMurphy

Rubio is a liar. He helped destroy Florida.

We are watching

I totally agree that if Marco is picked as vice president he will cost the Republicans the election like Palin did four years ago. I can't wait for them to start digging up the dirt and there is a lot to find. I am a Cuban and I would never vote for Marco Rubio. I am not crazy about Obama but he is better than what the Republicans are offering us.

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