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Obama woos woman vote by pretending not to (and, no, there is no real "war on women")

Barack Obama stares earnestly into the camera.

“Let’s be clear, here,” he says in a recent video address to Planned Parenthood. “Women are not an interest group.”

Translation: Women are an interest group. And Obama is winning its vote right now.

That’s not just because of his policies. It’s not just because of the Republicans’ apparent over-reach and clumsy messaging. It’s also because Obama has few peers when it comes to being political while pretending otherwise.

Look no further than the two-minute Planned Parenthood video to get a taste of Obama’s style, which leaves Republican Mitt Romney wanting.

“You’ve had to stand up to politicians who want to deny millions of women the care that they rely on and inject themselves into decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor,” Obama says.

The absent A-word

Nothing quite connotes creepiness like the verb “inject.” Nowhere does Obama say the “A” word: abortion. It’s all about “choice” and “health.”

Monday's column (which, yes, I forgot to post) is here.


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Kudos, Caputo. You nailed it by focusing on the word "inject" (as well as the absent word 'abortion').

When folks referred to Bill Clinton as "Slick Willie" (even before the Lewinski affair was known), they had no idea how outdone Slick would be by this Obama dude.

Reagan was the "Great Communicator".
Obama is the "Great Manipulator".

And the big O's mendacity, prevarication, and snake-oil salesman's schtick is the best proof of it.

Tally Folly

Reagan was an actor (and not even a good one) reading lines written in smoke filled back rooms, GMAFB.
If Republicans want to spread lies, and deny healthcare and human rights to women, and allow a few sanctimonious male legislators to make decisions that effect women, go for it. Women will crush you at the polls come November.

Cynthia Williams

"(and, no, there is no real "war on women")

Oh really? Tell that to the millions of women who just happen to disagree!!


There's no real war on women? You guys keep saying that and the war that's on now is going to become World War III. Over 1100 laws were attempted by right-wing legislators across the country in 2011 alone. Ninety plus were passed and signed into law.

So, I'll say the A-word. Abortion. It's the law of the land. You'd be wise to heed it! I'll say the other words. Birth Control. Try to take it away and see what happens to this country. You won't like it.

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