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Pew: Trayvon Martin opinions reflect partisan divide

A recent Miami Herald story showed how partisan battle lines are forming in the Trayvon Martin shooting case, and now Pew has data to back that up. From Pew Research:

The Trayvon Martin shooting is the public’s top story for the second consecutive week. But interest in the teenager’s death is deeply divided along partisan, as well as racial, lines. These differences also are apparent in reactions to news coverage of the incident: Far more Republicans (56%) than Democrats (25%) say there has been too much coverage of Martin’s death.

The latest weekly News Interest Index survey, conducted March 29-April 1 among 1,000 adults, finds that 30% say they followed Martin’s death more closely than any other story, little changed from a week ago (25%). The Supreme Court hearings on the 2010 health care law are a distant second; 15% say they followed the Court hearings most closely.

A separate analysis by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) found that the Court’s health care hearings accounted for 19% of news coverage. Slightly less coverage (18% of the newshole) was devoted to news about Trayvon Martin.

As was the case last week, African Americans are far more likely than whites to say they are closely tracking news about the Florida teenager’s death. Fully 58% cite news about Trayvon Martin’s killing as their top story, compared with 24% of whites. Moreover, 43% of whites say the story has received too much coverage, compared with just 16% of blacks.

Democrats, regardless of race, are following Martin’s death more closely than are Republicans. Nearly four-in-ten Democrats (38%), including 31% of white Democrats, say the killing of Trayvon Martin is their top story; just 19% of Republicans are following this story most closely. More than half of Republicans (56%) say the story has been overcovered, compared with 25% of Democrats, including 33% of white Democrats.

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Noelle Zimen

I think we can all agree that carpet bombing campaigns and media feeding frenzies are poor substitutes for due process, which begins with arrest. Unless and until that takes place, we can't get past "GO." If that does not take place, then the Trayvon Martin story will continue to dominate and deeply divide. IMO, review of Stand Your Ground legislation will not be enough of a "consolation prize" to convince this white mom of a racially profiled adult son of visible Middle Eastern descent (ergo Moslem terrorist) that trial by media is no longer relevant.


No partisan divide. People are being tortured, imprisoned and murdered with the full support of the lunatic media:
The popular news anchors and high profile moguls (and talk show hosts) have the biggest microphones and make the smallest contributions to important news regarding a decadent & homicidal culture.

Police/fbi/vigilante to Target: WE INTEND TO:







Police have legal right to kill fleeing (innocent) suspect in car:





You only conducted this on 1000 people and made this a to story. Rediculous. And where did you research this?

Paula Flowers

The media doesn't disappoint me, I expect it but don't expect gross incompetence to tamper with tapes. I find it difficult and almost impossible to not know that they did that. Geez. There's not one person or entity to blame with this fiascal - it's all involved, Zimmerman, the police, the DA, the media, dragging out making a decision on IF there is enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman. It makes me sick, oh and Spike Lee, gee talk about stupid and uncaring, almost getting a family killed. I guess he feels like unjustified paybacks are warranted. However, I think we as a nation need to ensure that the stand your ground laws are either retracted or defined so innocent people that look supspicious to a neighborhood watch guy that Never should have been don't have a license to hunt down and kill. I live in a city where a black man was shot by the local police at his front door in a very pricey neighborhood - they thought he was a burglar. He was THE HOME OWNER and lived through it. He sued and lost because of the stand your ground laws here - ridiculous. I am white and find this heart breaking and sickening.


The media focuses on and pumps up such stories to a high profile because they know new news about it will appear frequently.

By contrast, the Supreme Court hearings on Obamacare, was only a 3-day affair, and only because the Justices scheduled hearings of 3 days.

FACT: One of these two stories will affect us all--especially the black community--much more than the other.

HINT: It ain't the story about the macho wannabe Hispanic dude who killed the black stranger in the neighborhood wearing his hoodie in the rain.


We talked about Natalie Holloway for years and years. We talked about Jon Bonet Ramsey for years and years. It's been less than 2-months that the Treyvon Martin murder has been in the news and people are already tired of hearing about it? Why is that?

There is a divide in this country and in it white life is valued and Black life is not. We will not move forward one iota until we make peace with one another. And getting tired of hearing that won't change a dag gone thing!


To get a feel of what went on the night Trayvon Martin was killed, you need to listen to that 911 call made by a neighbor. The fatal shot is heard in the background.
Just listen to it.
You don't need any experts.
You don't need to know anything about the case.
You don't even need an open mind.
But you do need to listen to that heart-wrenching call.
Then draw your own conclusions.
Be sure your heart is not made of stone.



Check out this open letter and opinion piece about Trayvon Martin...


If it was a cop that got murdered, then cops would do eevhytring they can by the book, to get their killer. However, we also know that the cops also break the law to catch the killer although they have been known to not get the killer and instead send an innocent person to prison.It is amazing that America is awash in guns; however, it doesn't make the streets safe for ordinay people from street criminals, organized crime, corporate crime, white collar crime, computer crime, and corrupt, incompetent, dishonest police.We seems to have enough evidence to convict Rick Scott of Medicare fraud; however, he was allowed to walk and now is the Governor of Florida.

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