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Poll shock: Obama ties Romney at 43 percent in conservative Jacksonville

Jacksonville Daily Record:

Presidential candidates President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied in a University of North Florida poll.

The poll found that in a contest between Obama and Mitt Romney, each candidate received 43 percent in the poll results. Obama was beating Rick Santorum 48 to 39 percent.

Santorum ended his campaign Tuesday.

As the Tampa Bay Times Adam Smith notes "Duval is a Republican stronghold where Democrats have been gaining ground dramatically in recent years. Four years ago, McCain won the county by just 1.9 percent, which shocked plenty of political observers."


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Hence the fascist voter suppression tactics...


Whether they are at the federal level (like Allen West, the Koch Brothers RUBBER STAMP) or at the state level (like Ellyn Bogdanoff, the Rick Scott RUBBER STAMP).


This is not about right or left. This is about America. I started voting for presidents in '76 and I never voted for a Democrat until 2008. But, I cannot support the GOP in its current state.

And I cannot vote for someone like Romney who has so little character that he changes his opinions like his socs,


Obama's federal income 2 trillion. Obama's spending 3 trillion. Try that with your home budget and use what you have left. Take whats left, fill your tank and head to the polls and vote for Obama.

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