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Romney 47%, Obama 45% in Florida poll

The latest bi-partisan Purple Strategies poll of key swing states finds Romney competitive but slightly trailing in the battleground states. Their Florida sample, though,  (MoE +/- 4/.1%) is the first poll since the Times/Herald poll in January to show Obama trailing - with 47 percent support for Romney among likely voters and 45 percent for the president.

More from Florida:

Obama's  approval/disapproval: 46/50

Romney favorability/unfavorability: 45/44

Economy getting better/worse: 33/38

Plenty of jobs locally/difficult for find jobs locally: 14/77

In future, jobs and salary will be: Worse - 45%; The same - 20%; Better - 26%; Not sure - 9%

-- Adam C. Smith, Tampa Bay Times


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It is incredible to me how the President can have so many fans while we live in very difficult times caused by simple ineptness in government.

This President strangles the very essence of freedom in the market place and his constant berating of the business community that creates jobs have split Americans and been divisive.

The stimulus was a bust and left a huge debt on the children without their consent or representation - it is generational irresponsibility and theft.

Susan Lee

The previous poster must listen only to Fox or to the Republicans in Congress only when they are in Washington, claiming-falsely-that the stimulus did nothing. (This was, of course, after they hit it with their giant Wall of "Hell No," devised, we now know, on the very eve of the innauguration, whether it took the country down with it or not! Hmmmm , has a faint treasonous ring to it, but I digress . . .). When THOSE VERY SAME Republicans went home to their districts, they BRAGGED about how many jobs the stimulus had saved and created, how they'd voted for it--another lie, of course-- and on and on.

So, excuse me, but it was NOT a bust. It helped a great amount, and those who keep lying about it apparently don't know how to use the Internet to find all of these facts within minutes. Should it have been larger to be even more effective? Yes, but it was the Republican giant Wall of "Hell No" that watered it down and then voted against it anyway. So, if you want to blame people for its not having as much positive impact as it could have, look directly at McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, et al.

As for deficits, please don't even try to go there. No other President has run a war, let alone two, without paying for it at the time. Bush not only didn't pay for them, he gave tax BONUSES to the 1% during WARTIME, ending up tripling the deficit. And now, somehow, no one can ask the 1% to do its responibility as citizens to help pay for those wars--don't forget that many in the 1% benefitted from the government war contracts, while it was the much poorer who did the dying--and the current group of Replicans seem to be carrying forward this same nonsense, "Oh, gosh, we must kneel before the 1%."

Poppycock. They are citizens. They must pay and DO their fair share. It is DEMAND that creates jubs, not the 1%, and that demand comes from a financially comfortable 99%. Continuing to give tax bonuses to the 1% does nothing but wipe out everyone else and, therefore, makes sure to KILL JOBS, bexause the 99% will certainly NOT be in a position to buy anything, there will no need for more supply, and no matter how much infinitely more money the rwpublicans have given to the 1%, they will still lay MORE people off because of this.

SO, TO USE THEIR VERY OWN WORDS OF MAKING SURE THE MONEY GOES TO THE JOB CREATORS, since, clearly it's the 99% who arw the job creatora through their purchasing power--when we demand it back--the money MUST go to the 99%, not the 1%. Period. End of discussion!!

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