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The week in PolitiFact Florida: communists, cocaine, monkeys and redistricting records

Take a look at our fact-checks posted this week on politifact.com/florida.

  • A mailer from U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan says Barack Obama's administration "will no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act."
  • Speaking of Obama, he swung through Florida this week to promote the "Buffett Rule." He claimed 98 percent of American families make under $250,000 a year.
  • With new unemployment numbers in hand, we updated Gov. Rick Scott's promise to create 700,000 jobs in seven years.
  • Republican Rep. Allen West got a lot of attention for his claim at a town hall that about 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party. (This one got our worst rating of Pants on Fire. Follow for the flames!)
  • A campaign commercial for Rep. Connie Mack IV attacks Sen. Bill Nelson over a stimulus project involving cocaine and monkeys. Read why this approach isn't new in campaign warfare.
  • We capped the week with a long look at Florida's redistricting cycle and its effect on House incumbents. Incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford claimed, "It’s the first time in the nation this many members have been drawn into the same districts where it wasn’t a court order." Is he right?

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duane overholt

Politics at its best. The fact is people like Vern buchanan dangles the lies and distort the truth. Then get what they want because the public wants instant results so they believe everything they are told.

Elect us and we will reform lawsuits. Don't worry the state and feds will protect you from the bad guys. You do not need an attorney, all that does is make the lawyer richer at everyones expense. I remind you lawyers as a whole protect your legal rights.

Well they got elected, passed laws to limit lawsuits. The biggest is manatory arbitration. Well the arbitrators get paid by the seller/business. If they controlled your purse strings whom would you rule for. Business or consumer.

So were are the state and feds as they promised. Undermanned, overworked, short of knowledge on how to get the job done and hampered by political influence.

Check-mate: you the consumer lose and the rich and big business wins.

So here goes health care, child lunch programs, ability to sue/recover your loses, womans health rights,unemployment, college loan programs and more. Because they want lower taxes at everyone elses expense.

This is happening because you believe with your ears and not with your heart and eyes.

Florida just look around you. Have the republicans made your life better or worse. Have they taken your interests at heart or have they just protected big business against you. Big business is for their benefit. Rich protect the rich.

Wake up before it is to late.

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