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To reach out to Hispanic voters, Obama campaign in Miami tries to tout education

The Obama campaign's Miami office launched its effort to reach out to Hispanics Friday -- or at least, it tried to.

Only a single reporter showed up to a press conference with Democratic strategist Freddy Balsera and Gloria Romero Roses, the first-time candidate running against Republican U.S. Rep. David Rivera. The two were set to discuss President Barack Obama's education policies and how they have helped Hispanic voters.

It's the kind of event that is bound to draw little interest at this point in the campaign. But Balsera said while education may not be the sexiest topic, it's important for the campaign to stress the administration's policies, particularly when it comes to protecting loans for students to go to college and keeping a tax credit that allows more families to afford higher education.

"These are all things that Republicans wanted to eliminate over the last couple of years," he said.

Roses, who was involved as a parent in dealing with overcrowding in Miami-Dade public schools when former Superintendent Rudy Crew was in charge, said education should be part of the political discussion on how to lift the economy. "It is the priority," she said, "because that's how we're going to build an economy that's built to last."


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Nice try

How Sad. (and awkward)

joe blow

Obama's ed policy SUCKS.
His Race to the Bottom program has marginalized students to test lab rats and teachers to mindless robots teaching FCAT "drill and kill".
And he has wasted BILLIONS on bribing cash strapped school districts who like prostitutes with their hands held out willing to sell their soul to the devil for a few gold sheckles.
But I assure you, HELL will rain down upon this mosquito infested backwater of the US in a few years when the majority of professional educators retire, relocate or change careers due to the corrupt privitization by Obama and the Repiggie slicksters like Jebby Bush. Prepare yourself for the Holocaust that will come from these ill fated policies!

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