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About 53,000 dead people on Florida's voter rolls

AP: Florida is calling on county election supervisors to remove more than 53,000 dead people from the state's voting rolls.

State officials this year checked Social Security files and concluded that people who died were still registered to vote. This was the first time the state checked the files. It was allowed under a controversial election law that passed the GOP-controlled Legislature last year.

An attorney with the Department of State told election supervisors on Wednesday they have seven days to remove a deceased voter from the rolls.

But some supervisors want to know if they will be given more proof that the voter is dead.

The move to remove dead voters comes at the same time when state officials are pushing to remove thousands non U.S.-citizens from the rolls.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/16/2802540/fla-says-more-than-53000-dead.html#storylink=cpy


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So the Social Security Adminstration saying someone is dead isn't good enough for local supervisors to do their job?

west coast guy

While people who have died may still be on the rolls, due primarily to sloppy record keeping by local administrators, there is NO evidence that dead people have actually voted. Yes, dead people should be removed from the rolls of voters. But this will have no effect on elections.

Liberal Sailor

To me the irony of this news story is how close the number of today's dead voters is to the number of live and registered Black voters that were secretly and illegally removed by Republicans from the voting lists before the 2000 election.

It is a red herring.

FL Voter

Dead voters are not an issue in FL because each FL voter must provide a photo and signature ID to vote and have for many years.

An absentee ballot will only be opened if the signture on the outside of the ballot matches the signture on file for that voter.

FL Voter

drake mallard

how many of those dead voted for Marco Rubio?

Oh my God...the dead have risen and they're voting Republican.

Even the pet cemetery voted?


Let me guess - they are all registered Democrats.


All you people that commented thinking republicans are trying to sneak in votes are completely WRONG! In fact Obama's administration on June 12, 2012 file a lawsuit asking the court to discontinue efforts in cleaning the voter registration list. Obama is corrupt through and through! He and his crony's need to be removed from office.
Don't believe me check it out here,




Uh... 200,000 Florida residents died last year, and I'm sure none of them went down to the supervisor of elections office and unregistered after dying. I'm surprised the number is as low as 53,000.

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