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Bill Nelson disses Obama admin': Mariela Castro visa "makes no sense."

Add Sen. Bill Nelson to the chorus of elected officials who are bothered by the decision to grant Mariela Castro a visa to visit the United States. The niece of Fidel and the daughter of Raul Castro, she's a face of the regime, which has jailed American contractor Alan Gross on trumped up charges.

“Allowing Raul’s daughter to come to the U.S when the regime still holds Alan Gross makes no sense,” Nelson said in a written statement.

Uh-oh. Looks like Nelson's running off the Democratic reservation. The party has been actively battling Republican attacks on Obama for allowing the Castro visa. They note that George W. Bush's administration allowed Castro to visit the United States three times.

But Nelson, who likely will face a tough re-election challenge, likely has no interest in invoking George Bush as a defense of Obama -- especially if the administration makes a move that just doesn't help with the Florida electorate at large and that hurts with the Cuban-American electorate in specific.