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Cue the cacophony: FL Dems mock Marco Rubio-Jim DeMint connection in Peggy March remake

Sometimes something is so bad it's good. Such is the case with the Florida Democratic Party's off-key music video rendition of the 1963 Peggy March hit "I will follow him" that seeks to make Republican Sen. Marco Rubio into South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint's cartoon-headed boy.

A sample of the lyrics: "I'll serve him, I'll serve him. And where he goes I'll follow... I will follow Jim..."

As if the the 1963 classic wasn't bad enough....


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Am I missing something? Since he is not up for reelection they must be extremely concerned that he will be chosen as Veep. No matter how it's spun, not a single person will ever, ever believe that Marco Rubio follows anyone else. His expressions of patriotism and protection of our constitutional rights and exceptionalism were made well before the tea party was ever thought of, and he never officially joined the TP caucus. Everyone in the GOP knows that. Which only leaves efforts to convince their own(dems)not to vote for him when he does appear on the presidential ballot. Good luck with that. He is one of the most intelligent, eloquent members of the Senate and the most admired elected official in entire republican party. Hence his meteoric rise to 'rock star' of the entire GOP. Sorry Dems, ain't no stoppin' him! You're looking very worried and desperate.

Johnny Hothead

While I won't disagree with Prognosticator's conclusion regarding the D's concerns and their "look" it is, however, conclusive that Marco followed David Rivera around for years until he was able to get himself elected to the Westchester City Council (lol...what a joke) and then to the Florida House. At that point, their roles reversed and Rivera became the second banana. Although folks in Tallahassee know who's really the bag man and who's the King in that relationship...

Can't take anymore

Marcocito is being marketed as the GOP's Hispanic poster boy. The party leadership is so out of touch that they think being Hispanic is a generic category. Cubans have had an elite status in US govt policy for so long that it is unbelievable to most of Latin America. Marcocito knows his ethnic leverage is limited. If he becomes the VP nominee in a losing Romney campaign he almost certainly will have no traction to run for President in 2016. He might then have to go back to practicing law and "consulting" for a living.


Compared to the baggage Obama had,Marcocito is a Saint. And let's not forget, he is not running for President. Come to think of it if he is ever compared to VP Biden, well let's just say there's no contest. On the other hand if Obama goes with Hillary instead of Biden, the Jewish dems that would have voted for Romney may rethink that decision. Hillary is Obama's only hope.

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