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Fla. Gov. Rick Scott signs Cuba-crackdown bill, but event turns into a public relations fiasco

Gov. Rick Scott began Tuesday morning as the darling of Miami’s Cuban exile community, but by day’s end he was being vilified for the way he handled a bill cracking down on companies that do business with Cuba and Syria.

Shortly after praising their fellow Republican for signing the law at the historic Freedom Tower, Cuban-American lawmakers at the event learned Scott issued a letter that essentially declared the law unenforceable.

The lawmakers — members of Congress, legislators and local commissioners — said Scott blindsided them and undermined the legislation, which prohibits state and local taxpayers from hiring firms that do work in Cuba and Syria. Multi-national firms and the Florida Chamber of Commerce worry about the law’s potential impact.

After a heated telephone conversation with Scott, Congressman David Rivera said he was ready to take the governor to court.

“As a Florida taxpayer who does not want my tax dollars going to companies that do business with terrorist regimes, I am more than willing to sue the governor and the state of Florida to force implementation of this law,” Rivera said.

“I’m sure the governor has been misled by his staff and hope he will reconsider his position so that it does not result in a lawsuit,” said Rivera, who later joined state lawmakers on Spanish-language radio to bash Scott, already a highly unpopular governor.

But Scott’s administration said the governor was clear Tuesday morning about the law when he appeared on a couple of Spanish-language radio stations. He said that, since this state law involves foreign trade, the president and Congress need to expressly authorize it.

“The way it works is, it’s not operative until the federal government passes legislation,” Scott told WQBA-AM (1140) an hour before the bill signing.

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When it comes to language in laws and understanding bills passed by our Legislature, my bet is that David Rivera has a much better grasp on interpretation than this Governor. Give him the business and
show him how it's done! Definitely a one term Governor!

See Ya Rivera

David Rivera is a thug and a crook. Anything he says, assume the opposite is true.


Well Scott's right on this one. So why did he waste taxpayer money in coming down here to sign the bill in the first place? This law is a joke, and Rivera and the rest of the cabal know it. Typical Florida politics. Always in the gutter.

Give me a break

These politicians are all putting on a show. none of them care a damn about the Cuban people! Not even the ones pushing for this bill. not one of them are thinking about the conditions of the Cuban people while burning up there cigars on their nice big boats, next to their nice water front homes in the Keys.


There are no lawmakers more passionate about establishing democracy in Cuba than David Rivera and Marco Rubio. Together they can change history and bring Cuba into the 21st century. The economic and emotional benefits freedom brings are countless. Prediction: Marco Rubio President of US and David Rivera President of Cuba!

Progressive Liberal Trapped in FLorida

- Governor Skeletor has no problem defying the Federal government when it comes to healthcare, but he hides behind its skirts when gets caught in one of his ever-so-common bald-faced lies!

David Kearns

Why is everyone so surprised when he pulls a fast one like this? Wasn't it enough of a clue that he un-funded programs for the disabled at the same time he was passing the torch to a special Olympian? Can't you people remember ten minutes ago? If you want to know all about him, read my book. It's my url linked to my name.

Et tu, Brute?

He signed the Bill and it's LAW, period? Laws must be enforced...I don't understand the chatter... unless, this is a cover for the County not to follow State Law?

Not confusing at all its the LAW!

Et tu, Brute?

Companies that do business with ANY country on the U.S. terrorist watch list (i.e, our sworn enemies) must be denied any contract that involves tax dollars period! If you disagree with that then you should take some time off from blogging and re-evaluate your priorities as an American.


Rubio for president and riviera prime minister of cuba? u can't be serious.
I would vote for my Hispanic brethren in a heartbeat,
but Rubio is a crashing star who will soon see his lights dim inside
the Cuban community as they are already undetectable outside
the community. Puleese! when his lips move, u know a lie
has been told. your kool-aid has been spiked!


Prognosticator, please tell me your being sarcastic. POTUS Rivera? lol, epic fail.

Et tu, Brute?

What part of don't use tax dollars to companies that do business with sponsors of terror DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Are you DAF?

Daniel, their has to be a challange with "Standing" in order to file suit on this case, I would love to see the company that argues Judge, we want to do business with a terrorist sponsor and also want to get your tax dollars? Choose to fight for the right cause don't defend the Castro dictatorship.

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