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Flip-flop-flip-flop. Obama’s gay-marriage stance isn’t an evolution.

RainbowBarack Obama couldn’t have been clearer.

“I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages,” he said.

But he didn’t say this in the now-famous ABC White House interview Wednesday that has the national news media in a tizzy as they parrot his buzzword about his “evolution.”

Obama said it about 16 years ago, in writing, on a gay-publication questionnaire. At the time, in 1996, he was running for a state Senate seat in Chicago. The district was liberal. It was an easy stance to take.

But two years later, as he gazed at higher office, Obama began backing off that stance, the Washington Post notes in a good story today. By 2004, the then-U.S. Senate candidate abandoned using the word “marriage” but said he favored “civil unions.”

By the time he began running for president in 2008, Obama was against it.

Now he’s for it.

That’s not evolution. That’s a flip-flop-flip-flop. It's a reverse of a reversal.

The Washington Post goes on to say that the “benefits from the timing of Obama’s reversal were clear — he needed to alter a story line that was painting him as indecisive and calculating. And the announcement has spurred gay donors to give even more to Obama’s reelection campaign.”

So it brings in money, appeases the liberal base and gets him favorable media coverage. That sounds pretty calculating.

Consider: Some inconsistencies remain in Obama’s stance. Though he thinks gays and lesbians should have the right to marry, he still says he views it as a states’ rights issue at a time when many states are moving to tighten prohibitions on same-sex unions.

Specifically, Obama's announcement came the day after North Carolina voted to ban same-sex marriage. So he risked zero political capital. Still, when Obama made his announcement, gays activists cheered him (one tweeted out the photo up top).

And while we’re all talking gay marriage, polls indicate that about 1 percent of voters really rate this as a top issue. Consider what’s really going on politically in this Associated Press story:

Americans are growing more pessimistic about the economy and handling it remains President Barack Obama's weak spot and biggest challenge in his bid for a second term, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

And the gloomier outlook extends across party lines, including a steep decline in the share of Democrats who call the economy "good," down from 48 percent in February to just 31 percent now.

Almost two-thirds of Americans — 65 percent — disapprove of Obama's handling of gas prices, up from 58 percent in February. Nearly half, 44 percent, "strongly disapprove." And just 30 percent said they approve, down from 39 percent in February.

Evolution? How 'bout legerdemain?


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Seth Platt

You know what Marc?
It is the RIGHT position to take and he took it when it mattered most, and has done more to help that community than any other President.
His opponent is on the WRONG side of the issue that much is clear.
Now please list the litany of issues Mitt has flip flopped on in only the past year.
I believe in evolution, does Mitt?


Stuck on stupid Southerns... You fought a war to enslave people, you have been against every single advcancement of civil, human rights, and you wonder why most of the civilized world even states in your own country think of you as a back water. Succeed. Let's see where that gets you next time, you stupid, inbred buck tooth cave dwellers.


So the unicorn-riding, rainbow-flying cosmopolitan snobs think it's smart to smear others with names like "stupid, inbred buck tooth cave dwellers"?

Hmmm ...

One wonders why the narcissistic homonymphs think it's a good idea to subject their personal lives to government approval, intrusion, licensing, control, and legal dissolution.

Inducement by government to arrange our personal affairs according to some socially-preferred, mythical ideal is about as far from intrinsic human and civil rights as it gets.

Marriage ain't working well in our society. It ain't been for a long time now, and it's working less well in each successive decade. So why the heck should a bunch of folks clamor to get in on the broken-down, bandwagon to hell?

We'd all be better off abolishing government-sponsored "marriage" as some kind of special status that grants special rights and privileges to anyone.


Congratulations to President Obama for taking a position in favor of allowing same-sex marriage. This is a question of fairness and equality. President Obama is also on the right side of history on this issue. The backward, intolerant flip flopper Mitt Romney favors a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage nationwide. Romney also stated recently that he opposes civil unions. I do not respect Mitt Romney. He has made an art of flip-flopping. I hope he loses in November.


Marriage - one man, one woman - period. You all can call me whatever names you like, try and I mean TRY to bend the Bible, trash it, stomp on it but the Bible is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow AND still the Word of God. 99.9% of you all have who champion for gay right have no idea how to read the Bible and most couldn't care less. Well, all I can say is you all have no clue what you are dealing with. God's Word is God's Word.


He never said he was against gay marriage. He said his opinion was "evolving". He avoided giving an answer because he was a candidate and now is again. And then the picture? Its a shame this stuff is allowed to be posted but hey, its the miamiherald


Gail... what does the Bible have to do with it? If you're gonna try reading something, try reading the first Amendment. Whenever people like you want to push your beliefs in to my government (the reason half our ancestors fled here to begin with), I'll always be there with a vote to shut you down. And if you don't like it, move to a country full of bigots like yourself.


So, let me get this right. One of the main reason for same sex marriages is so one of the spouses can receive benefits along with documentation saying they are "one" and possibly for adopting a child. I get it! But the prez is only bucking for re-election(must be the reason why the VP. brought it to light). Smoke and Mirrors I tell you! When they get old, they'll have to get divorced so they will be able to get help to cover their medical expenses like our seniors do now! If there is no economy and no benefits, I guess the prez's position will be null and void.... Ahhh, there it is, the Smoke and Mirrors... Now he (prez) has got his votes!


As a bisexual woman for him to flip flop is a smack in the face. He changed his view on Gay Marriage BEFORE an election. Hmmm what a mockery. Pro gay marriage for votes pretty much!!!!


To paraphrase from Lyndon Johnson.....he will have those homos voting Democrat for generations! He magically evolved like a unicorn into a pegasus right after he was re-elected and it would cost him a grand total of.....nothing. For all you idiots out there who think a politician wouldn't sell his momma for a vote, I have bad news for you. Its just another douche bag politician making a calculated move. The sad thing is not only does the Emperor Have No Clothes, he is dumb enough to believe he is the Gay Lincoln.....if I wasn't laughing so hard at this fool....I wouldn't be able to laugh at all the fools who believe what he says....or any politician for that matter....suckers. If God doesn't destroy America, he owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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