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George Zimmerman prosecutor backs George LeMieux for Senate

Not sure if this helps, hurts or makes no difference. Stll, it's interesting, given the attention over the prosecution of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The press release:

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – George LeMieux today announced the endorsement of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey of the Fourth Judicial Circuit.

“For years, I have known George LeMieux and seen the positive impact he has had on our state and nation,” said State Attorney Angela Corey. “During his time as the Deputy Attorney General, George fought for justice and successfully argued a death penalty case before the US Supreme Court. While serving in the Senate, George LeMieux made reducing the debt his top priority and showed true leadership. George has always been a friend to Northeast Florida and I look forward to seeing him serve us once again in the US Senate."

“For more than 30 years, Angela has worked to make Northeast Florida safer - first as an Assistant State Attorney and now as the State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit,” said George LeMieux.  “As former Deputy Attorney General, I know how hard our prosecutors work. Angela is widely known for her fairness, integrity, and work ethic and I am honored to have her support.”

Corey joins a strong team in Jacksonville dedicated to George LeMieux’s election to the US Senate, including former RPOF Chairman Tom Slade, former Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton, Duval County Sheriff John H. Rutherford, State Senator Stephen Wise, City Councilmen William Bishop, Matt Schellenberg, and Bill Gulliford, and Public Defender Matt Shirk. 

This announcement follows four consecutive landslide straw poll victories, the endorsement of Senator Tom Coburn, Herman Cain, 34 sitting Florida legislators, former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the National Tax Limitation Committee PAC, former Mayor Rich Crotty, conservative radio host Joyce Kaufman, and the Recreational Fishing Alliance.


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Please sign and share this petition to have Casey Anthony tried by the federal government.

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Alan S

A) Mr. Zimmerman wasn't on neighborhood watch, he was on his way to the store when he spotted 6ft 3in Trayvon Martin scoping out apartments in the rain. (B) Mr. Zimmerman had a concealed weapons carry permit from the state of Florida (C) he says he was attacked by Trayvon Martin, knocked to the ground and had his head beaten repeatedly against the pavement and (D) he was asked by his neighbors to start the neighborhood watch. So if she's for someone, I'm against them!!


Alan obviously doesnt follow the news. Trayvons autopsy lists him at 150 lbs and 5'11 tall.

Get your crap straight.

Also, Theres no proof of who initiated the conflict.

And the fact that Zimmerman and his lawyer want to suppress some of his statements that conflict with what hes now telling the courts, is very telling about his honesty. They also want his phone records and other conversations to be free from scrutiny. Sounds like this dude messed up with his words somewhere and doesnt want it to get out.

Lets not even mention how cushy he is with the PD that he can walk around the department unattended days after killing someone. What civilian is allowed to do that even without being involved in a killing?

Kamana Kapu

Zimmerman was walking around that police station as if he owned the place. Now it turns out Trayvon was not the hulking monster the racists made him out to be: 5' 11'' 150 lbs. Boy, thats going to hurt them white guys. They were pushing for 7' 500 lbs.


As you probably know, but didn't mention, kaylan, the prosecution asked for the evidence to be suppressed before the defense did. Does that mean that the prosecution is trying to hide something that would damage their case?


The Autopsy report shows the weight as 158 lbs, not 150. Not a big difference, but if we are attacking others accuracy, we should be accurate ourselves, no?


It would be a good idea to compare the jewelry found in Martin's school locker to the jewelry reported missing from Mr. Zimmerman's neighborhood. That might help establish whether Mr. martin was indeed scoping out apartments.


This news changed my vote. I support George Zimmerman and will actually work for Mack after reading this. Thank you for the update.

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