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Gov. Rick Scott apologizes for 'I've never shot an elephant' gaffe with King of Spain

Gov. Rick Scott told reporters in Miami on Thursday that he is sorry if he embarrassed Spanish King Juan Carlos by bringing up an embarrassing elephant-hunt scandal when the two men met as part of the governor's trade mission to Spain.

"If I did anything to do -- anything wrong -- I completely apologize," Scott said upon his arrival at Miami International Airport. "The king's a wonderful person. He's a wonderful world leader. He's done so many wonderful things in his life. And we had a great conversation."

The governor said spoke to the king about jobs and about the upcoming 500-year anniversary of the discovery of Florida by Spain in 1913 1513.

Scott said he meant no harm by asking the king about his hunting trip to Botswana, which caused an uproar among Spaniards who said the king should not have taken such an expensive vacation at a time when his country's economy is in peril. (Juan Carlos is also an honorary president of Spain's branch of the World Wildlife Fund.)

Spaniards found out about the trip after the king fell out of bed and hurt his hip.

"The first thing I asked him about it was his hip, of course, because he had been injured," Scott said.



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"The governor said spoke to the king about jobs and about the upcoming 500-year anniversary of the discovery of Florida by Spain in 1913."

1913... perhaps 1513? Also, the Spanish did not discover Florida. They just landed here. It was already populated. Please don't perpetuate that inaccuracy.


This junket, like all junkets by top government folks, is pointless, useless, and not valuable to the taxpayers of Florida.

It's a nice short vacation for those who go, and more importantly, an opportunity for top business folks to lobby top government folks for things they want later.

But, thank to this Governor, the junket has provided some embarrassment to himself and to all of Florida; some annoyance to the reigning heir of the Bourbon branch of that useless, inbred European royalty; and some fodder for comedians.

Marili Cancio

As a member of the delegation that visited Spain I can attest that the Governor worked around the clock promoting Florida. The Herald should be reporting on all the positive aspects of the visit.

David Kearns

Oy...what a schlub, this guy

His time is over...

Marili, what a shill you are. No one really cares about your travels with this embarrassment of a governor. What kind of social incompetent would make this kind of statement to a head of state?

nanci little

This Governor Gollum that was voted in DESPITE being a Criminal!... is evil AND embarrassing. NOW he is trying to rig the vote just like Katharine Harris did. May Scott join her, being despised forever in history AND may he rot from the inside out, sooner rather than later, from his own vileness.


Wrong. The king (our king) is not a "wonderful person",and certanly he hasn,t done "wonderful things" in his privileged life apart from living la "dolce vita" with our taxes, but the way the Governor talk to him,was very inappropiate, I coudn´t believe what I was hearing,I mean, that "you,re my hero, and I expected a better story"!!! they are not pin pals ! :) (King Juan Carlos was in botsuana with his lover, Corinna, a national scandal)

No,el rey de España ni es una persona maravillosa ni ha hecho cosas maravillosas a parte de pegarse la vida padre con el dinero de nuestros impuestos. Pero cuando oi lo que el Governador le decia, me dio vergüenza ajena, porque primero aqui ha sido todo un escandalo y segundo no se puede hablar al rey como a un colega de bolos. :) Ademas le pillaron con su amante Corinna, ha sido todo un escandalo en España.

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