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Rick Scott's 'I've-never-tried-to-shoot'-an-elephant gaffe with King of Spain

Gov. Rick Scott's trade mission to Spain this week has helped the Spaniards -- who are suffering with a depressed economy -- laugh out loud.

Newspapers and local television shows are howling at the exchange of greetings between King Juan Carlos and Scott, who was joined by his wife, Annette.

Here's how protocol and politics became parody.

Upon entering the King's office, Scott immediately asks the Spanish royalty about his hunting trip to Botswana, where the King injured his hip -- getting out of bed.

"I've ridden elephants. I've never tried to shoot one," Scott joked in shaking the King's hand.

The King seemed taken aback by the topic -- a sore subject for him in more ways than one. Not only did the King hurt himself physically on the trip but also politically. Spaniards were ticked that the King took such an expensive hunting trip at a time when the country is in such dire economic straits. About one in four Spaniards are unemployed.

Scott made matters worse when he continued to talk to the King about the Botswana trip by telling the story of his trip to the same African country.

On and on the conversation went -- much to the chagrin of the royalty in the room.

  the King appears anything but comfortable in chatting about Scott's adventures in Botswana with his wife Annette.

The final punch line: Annette tells the King she wishes he had been in the jeep with them on their Botswana safari.

King Juan Carlos maintained his composure and, alas, did not respond to the governor as he did, memorably, to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in a 2007 summit of heads of state held in Chile.

 After Chávez repeatedly interrupted Spain's then-prime minister, Jose Luis Zapatero, the exasperated king told Chávez, "¿Por qué no te callas?" -- "Why don't you shut up?"

The king's words briefly became a catchphrase, printed on T-shirts and featured on cellphone ringtones.

  (Miami Herald reporter Patricia Mazzei contributed to this blog)




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JP Knight

The Herald: any excuse, any lame excuse at all to criticize any Republican. Democrats and Socialists: always given a pass; e.g., not one word about WHY the Spanish economy is in the toilet, flushed their by many years of Socialist over-spending.

Can't take anymore

Self-annointed King Rick the 1st probably felt he was just chatting up some fellow royalty. Any lingering doubt that this trip was simply a chance for King Rick to try to polish his image with his subjects back in Florida is now gone. The amount of increased trade resulting from this RPOF junket to Spain won't pay for jet fuel to get them there. P.S. was Haridoopalus brought along as King Rick's court jester?

buckeye one

leave it to a corrupt Repiggie incompetent nitwit like DICK Scott to go to Spain and embarrass the people of Florida!
Scott told the King: "I've never shot an elephant but I used to be an elephant dung scooper in my previous job before the idiot Repiggie and teabagger voters elected me governor of FloriDUH".

Denny Wood

Two more years and two more legislatures left, and then we will be free of the governor who bought his election.

Insulting the "king of Spain" does not come close to his insults to Floridians.


I hope he paid from his own pocket for this trip because Florida can use the expenses of the trip to paid for additional education to help our children pass the FCAT

I am sure he still have enough of the Medicare's money his company overbilled our Federal government.

Why did the King of Spain wasted his time with Scott?

Marili Cancio

The first lady of Florida is called Ann... http://www.flgov.com/meet-the-first-lady/biography/

J. Salter

Goof ball Scott makes a total idiot of himself, again. Everything he does is a failure, perhaps because he is a crook. As a representative of Florida, we are now a laughing stock not only in the US, but Spain.

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