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Gov. Scott: Media 'mean' to Steve MacNamara

Gov. Rick Scott chided reporters Monday for being "mean" to his chief of staff, Steve MacNamara, and said his top aide is doing a "great job."

Without prompting from reporters, and apparently in response to a Times/Herald report on how MacNamara wields power, Scott said: "You guys are mean to poor Steve MacNamara. He's out there working his tail off and you guys write these mean things about him. You ought to think about that. We're getting a lot of good things done -- jobs are coming back, we've got a billion dollars for education, we got PIP done, and now you're being mean to my chief of staff."

Asked to respond to the published comments of a former agency chief, Jack Miles, who said he resigned after meddling by MacNamara, Scott said: "I talk to agency heads. I spend as much time as I can but you know, Steve's the chief of staff. That's his job, to work with agency heads, and I think he's done a great job."  

-- Steve Bousquet


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James Davidson

This is just mind blowing.


Oh great. Now we've got the Governor whining about the press again.

Note to Governor:

That doesn't make things better, but makes a bad situation worse. It signals the press sharks that there's blood in the water, and it's dripping from your Chief of Staff.

Try Instead:
"Steve's a grown man, with thick skin."


what a bozo.........

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