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Great Scott, it's Gaetz!

Sen. Don Gaetz is out with a snazzy campaign ad that has him sounding a lot like Gov. Rick Scott.

Gaetz, the ad says, fought to reduce job-killing regulations and emphasized education.

Of course, it's not unusual for lawmakers to claim they alone are responsible for policy changes, but Gaetz is striking a theme achingly similar to that of the governor.

Will anyone notice?

Gaetz, incoming Senate president, does not yet have an opponent. The video was done by Tampa-based The Victory Group, the same folks responsible for the epic video shown at Gaetz's designation ceremony, "From Rugby with Resolve."

Here's the text:

When government regulations threatened a local glass company and local jobs...

"I called Don Gaetz. He fixed the problem, saved a lot of jobs," a man says.

When Tallahassee pulled a fast one on septic tanks, Gaetz fought back.

"When something's not right, Don makes it right," a doctor says.

And Don Gaetz came up big for our schools and our children.

"He just gets things done, time and time again," a female school official says.

Don Gaetz: Because the road to the future runs right through northwest Florida.


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Is someone running for Governor?


Senator Gaetz is NO friend of education. He made sure his lower performers were "unavailable" on FCAT days when he was Okaloosa Co. Superintendent. He is responsible for blocking ALL capital improvement dollars from regular public schools and funneling $55 MILLION in taxpayer dollars to privately owned charter schools - the same charter schools that claimed they would not seek public capital improvement dollars. So if your child's school is in need of repair, thank Gaetz for the delapidated state of affairs.

Dr. Ed Homes

Senator Gaetz is terrible. He screwed up the Senate redistricting plan and cut higher education spending by $300 million. If you want companies to move to Florida, you need a great education system. Thank God the Legislature is in session for only 60 days a year.


I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. Walt disney said that. Best place to learn now a days is called High Speed Universities article by a famous editor check it out.

Francesca Menes

Gaetz on supportive of education, don't make me laugh. Republicans in general, particularly in the Florida Legislature have been horrible when in comes to public services in general, including education. The Republicans function is to simply destroy public resources, and find a way to profit from it, but privatizing it.

Can we say Charter Schools? The Republicans way of privatizing education and raking in the big bucks. Many of them sit on the Florida House and FL Senate Education Committees as Land Use Consultants and members of the board of local charter schools and allocate resources needed for public schools which are barely resourced to their charter schools.

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