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Immigration reform groups decry Marco Rubio's tax fraud bill

Some Hispanic advocacy groups who'd like to see immigration reform are unhappy with a tax fraud bill sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who they say is making it harder for poor immigrants who apply for a child tax credit with a taxpayer identification number instead of a social security number.

The National Conference of La Raza, a Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization, held a conference call Thursday to decry the bill. They say Rubio's bill does nothing to actually combat tax fraud, and that it flies in the face of the work he's trying to do to help young people with his version of the DREAM Act. That bill -- as yet unfiled -- would allow young people who came to this country through no fault of their own to stay here if they meet certain conditions, including going to college.

"Is Sen. Rubio playing politics? I can't really answer that," said Leticia Miranda, senior policy advisor for economic security policy at La Raza. "But I don't think it's a good political strategy to attract Hispanic voters by creating proposals that would deny 4 million Latino children for using the child tax credit."

Rubio told the Miami Herald Tuesday that his tax fraud bill is "the logical thing to do" and is based on concerns that some taxpayers filing for the credit are claiming children who don't live in the United States. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., has a similar bill.

"All this does is say if you don’t have a Social Security Number, and you did file for the tax credit, you have to file paperwork proving that those children who are receiving the tax credit are here in the United States," Rubio said. "It’s basically illegal to do it now. All this does is require documentation.”

Under Rubio's bill, taxpayers do not have to prove a child's residency with school or day care records, or proof from a doctor's office. Instead, taxpayers claiming the child credit must turn over immigration documents -- potentially putting the IRS in the immigration enforcement business, its critics say.

The bill's purpose is listed as "to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require certain nonresident aliens to provide valid immigration documents to claim the refundable portion of the child tax credit." They must submit each page of the taxpayer's passport, the taxpayer's nonimmigrant visa, the taxpayer's employment authorization documentation and the taxpayer's arrival-departure documentation. They must also submit each page of the child's passport, the child's nonimmigrant visa, and the arrival-departure documentation of the child.

But there's "no evidence of widespread fraud" among those filing for child tax credits with taxpayer identification numbers, said Wendy Cervantes, Vice President of immigration and child rights policy at First Focus.

An estimated 4.5 million children of immigrant families benefit from the tax credit, she said, calling it an "effective, anti-poverty tax measure."

"To deny the child tax credit to any child is bad policy and runs contrary to our american values," We should be focusing on policies that invest in children and support families, not policies such as those currently proposed in the Senate, and that make families harder and threaten to drive child poverty even higher."


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Well, if the kids aren't actually here, why are U.S. taxpayers paying for them?

And if they are here legally, there should be no problem proving that they are with valid immigration documents, should there?

But if the liberals want us to pay the bill for illegal immigrant kids (those not born here) who are the children of illegal immigrants, no way!

And it doesn't matter if it's one or one million.

Notes to illegales: stop skulking about in the shadows, go home, and come back legally ... with your head held high!




Not Cuban?
Screw you !!


The pro-Constitutional TEA PARTY is beginning to show their muscle, as incumbents are losing their seats. Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana lost his entrenched place, to a Tea Party State Treasurer Mourdock, who is displaying his mettle, by stating that he will fight to secure our borders and ensure that taxpayer dollars are only spent on those legally allowed to live in this nation. Dick Lugar had a long record of fighting aggressively for amnesty for illegal immigrants and was a primary sponsor of the DREAM Act, which would have fast-tracked amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants nationwide. The liberal Democrats have a campaign to undermine the TEA PARTY membership, which the political group is fading away, when actual fact is the numbers are climbing into the millions. Do you want to fight to keep more of your tax money being confiscated in continually coddling either the 20 million plus illegally immigrants settled here, or the millions more that still locate a way to slip into America.

There are a number of measures regular voters can press for?

One: Join your local Tea Party and unseat all the tired incumbents and elect fresh Tea Party leadership. Remove all Senators and House Representatives, who are pro-illegal immigration corrupted by the special interest groups. We should start with a clean slate and investigate the current records of bad politicians-both federal and state at the web site of ALIPAC.


Two: Demand that House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Dave Camp of Michigan, who is Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Americans must insist these lawmakers stop blocking the 50-state H.R.2885 - Chairman Smith's 'Legal Workforce Act’. The E-Verify bill, should concern every jobless American residents, as if put into practice on a national scale would reject illegal foreign workers.

Stop blocking the E-Verify ‘The legal Workforce Act’ business program, to detect unauthorized workers, so they can be identified and removed.

Three: Demand that the Congress amend the ‘Birthright Citizenship’ so that no baby born in the United States receives immediate citizenship unless one parent is a U.S. citizen or a naturalized citizen. In addition stop Chain Migration as under the present law, the child more or less cements, the rest of the immediate family as a foothold. Thereby adding even more financial pressure on state taxpayers as UNFUNDED MANDATES, to pay not only for the 400.000 babies, smuggled through borders or arrive undetected at international airline arrivals. State Government says little about the (2009) $113 Billion price tag, extorted by the IRS in catering to the families of illegal aliens. No doubt in most American’s mind that the dollar figure has raised by now and until the amendment is passed, the payout will escalate?

Four: Stop our Internal Revenue Service issuing child credit money for children who do not even reside in the United States. In fact stop this use by illegal aliens collecting $4.2 Billion dollars of taxpayers’ money, for persons who have no legal status to be in the United States.
Five: No more mass importation of poorly skilled foreign nationals and those only STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workers need apply.

Six: NO more TAX & SPEND government and begin the reduction of federal agencies.

Seven: Build the double layer fence, as previously designed the Bush’s administration as the 2006 Secure Fence. To run from San Diego, CA to Brownsville, Texas with every mile festooned with razor barbed wire. In a new detection innovation reporters watched as five people walked north from the Mexican border toward the underground sensor system. When they got within about four hundred feet an alarm sounded and a Google map page popped up showing where the "intrusion" was detected. This Sonic Barrier is exemplary at even detecting low-flying ultra light aircraft, the type now being used by smugglers to haul drugs into the U.S. across the border. Mike King of Border Technology, Inc., is the inventor of the Sonic Barrier (they call it IDENTISEIS™), saying that the system is continuing to undergo testing and development, but it is seemingly more near perfection, than the old sensing units.

Eight: Punish States, counties and cities, which are allowing illegally ordinances and statutes relating to Sanctuary Cities? Cut off federal funding to these locations and prosecute all those responsible for these acts. Criminal aliens are settling in these places and have killed, maimed and molested children.

Don’t be confused by the liberal diatribe from the Liberal /Democrat mainstream media, as they are firmly impressed on pushing Obama’s plans of Socialist doctrines. We cannot keep importing more and more poverty encouraged by the government welfare placards, that if you can enter illegally, the taxpayers will care for you, from birth to the grave? We are being overwhelmed by persons who cannot speak English; therefore we spend a billion annually on translators. We pay for their children’s schooling to K-12 and in many cases college. Then the medical cost for the whole family, who eventually sneak through holes in the border or buy a airline ticket. Then there are no real true dollar figures, for loss of wages or under the table illegal workers; m any real truths are hidden from the public eye.

Start by implementing mandating E-Verify business verification computer program. It is the most effective, simple immigration enforcement identifier, along with the ‘Secure Communities’ police apprehension application to fingerprint arrestees and forward them to Ice and other agencies, that will deter any illegal foreign national from stealing the millions of American jobs. The usual suspects, including high-pressure, pro illegal immigrant groups are out to eliminate these powerful programs, since enforcement of immigration laws. IN A DELIBERATE MOVE OR NOT, IT HAS BEEN CLEARLY SHOWN THAT LEGISLATORS IGNORED THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION INVADERS, BY NOT CLARIFYING THAT ILLEGAL ENTRY AS A FELONY? HOWEVER I WILL KEEP ON REMINDING VOTERS, IT’S TAXPAYERS MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING ON FOREIGN NATIONALS, ESPECIALLY IN THE SANCTUARY STATES. E-Verify has proved its merit which many treasonous lawmakers never predicted it would catch-on, with any credibility. Even now it has a success rate of 98 percent and 300.000 honest business owners are now using the program. Thus they are saving themselves from ICE audits, large fines, asset loss and even a term in prison.

Now Politicians are trapped with E-Verify because the American citizenry are fully perceptive of its use. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be on our guard, with pro-illegal immigrant legislators such as Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid, California’s Governor Jerry Brown who want to tax their legal residence even more, to subsidize the illegal alien occupation in their states.


well said Brittanicus I am joining my local tea party


To receive a child tax credit, the social security number should be furnished.

Remember to vote AGAINST the politicians that support ILLEGAL residents, over LEGAL residents. It will also be a vote to reduce unemployment and improve the economy.

Baja Rat

The National Council of La Raza [The Race, aka the Tan Klan] is involved in this and they are nothing more than cheap labor pimps and race hustlers funded mostly by anti-American foundations such as the Ford Foundation. They ought to be effin' deported.


Another insane tax loophole has been uncovered which has been benefitting illegal aliens. And the real shocker- La Raza is against trying to close this loophole. Whay am I not surprised? Some of these "imigrants" have been claiming as many as 30 children. Do these children even exist? There probably is no proof that they do exist!


La Raza is so full of it that they have become a JOKE! If the ILLEGAL ALIENS want to fight for what is theirs, then they need to return to their own country and let their governments support them. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS GOING TO CRIMINALS WHO HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!



LaRaza, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are all organizations that should be disbanded. Hiding behind the mantle of innocuous sounding monikers all these organizations are hell bent on turning the U.S. into a clone of the third world countries the illegal aliens left behind before invading ours.

The Earned Income Tax Credit should be rescinded, as it is nothing more than yet another venue for redistribution of wealth. Anyone without a Social Security number should be detained and deported, not rewarded with our tax dollars.

Grim Jim

I am so ^%#@!*% MAD I can hardly contain myself. WTF is the major malfunction here? These illegal alien criminals are now demanding that their criminal activity and fraud get protection? WTF is wrong with my fellow Americans? We are in the worst financial state since the Great Depression and Americans are hurting real bad.

Not only do these illegal invaders get to do whatever they want with ZERO consequence, if we stand up to this invasion and try to stop it we are attacked even more.

I did not pledge my allegiance to a country that allows freeloading leeches to march in, take everything they can grab, throw a guilt trip on all who oppose them, and then have our culture replaced with their failure culture.

You can mark my words, if this insanity is not put to an immediate stop there will be a very violent civil war, not the "peaceful" conquest the left and the traitorous right have been pining for.

You people better wake up now. I have been screaming about this since I was a little kid here in California, too few listened, now look at California! If you want your lives and your neighborhoods turned into a third world ghetto you are insane, if you do not want this then put this craziness to an IMMEDIATE stop!!!


Don't give Rubio too much credit. He may throw us off by opposing the tax credit, but he wants to implement another "Dream Act." To me, any mention of rewarding illegals or their children with anything is grounds for not trusting a politician. I've come to the conclusion that anyone with an Hispanic surname will do everything in their power to bring the rest of the Hispanic world here. We've got a great start already! Soon, there will be signs on the border reading, Bienvenidos, a Los Estados Unidos. (not a Spanish student, so I may be wrong, but the thought is there).

John Earl

War is comming. As my Dakota Sioux grandfather once told me- "For you, there will be a time to count Coup and take plenty hair. I fear that time is near.

Hoka Ha'

Rachel Guess

What a load of BS from La Raza, although that certainly comes as no surprise. If you aren't here LEGALLY, you should not be entitled to ANY tax payer funded privileges, grants, services or benefits. The ONLY exception that should be given would be in the case of a life threatening injury, in which case the illegal alien should be treated and then immediately booked into custody and deported while we send the bill for the treatment to the country of origin.

You want a child tax credit?...Go to the country where you have CITIZENSHIP and apply for it.


Is it not already a fraud to claim EITC on non-qualifying children? Just audit and prosecute. However, the tax processing function of the IRS should be handed to the Department of Labor to ensure that those filing are legally entitled to work here.

Rubio needs to realize that he represents American citizens and not illegal immigration enablers like the NCLR, which should be investigated for it's role in undermining the rule of law.

Delaware Bob

When we get rid of ALL the illegal aliens and their anchor babies, all these problems will go away. Illegal aliens have NO RIGHT to be in this Country.

How's this for an idea? Make entering this country illegally a felony. Make the fine $2500 plus one year in Federal prison. Make this the same on overstayed VISAs. If drugs are involved, triple the fine. Then, apply this to all the illegal aliens in this country now. Leave or if you get caught, the fine will apply to them. Maybe, just maybe, this will take the place of a fence that is costly and doesn’t seem to work all that well. It may even cut down on the cost of deporting these illegal aliens. The other thing is this birthright citizenship. We MUST know through Congress or the Supreme Court if indeed a child born to an illegal alien is a U.S. citizen. I say they are not. If not, then, how do we REVOKE the birth certificates already issued. Boy, can you see the problems with this illegal immigration? Maybe Congress should allow states to enforce immigration laws, or at least a few of them.



Hispanics decry Marco Rubio's tax bill?

And why aren't American Hispanics (not anchor babies) being asked for their opinion?
I am a Hispanic from a native American Hispanic family here for generations in the United States!
Only the usual illegal alien type Hispanics would cry over this bill! I don't consider them true Americans!
Go back to your homeland and do your protesting there!
You sicken the very core of our American family!


my tax guy told me that people using this policy are better off than i am woring
im stuck with mecdical pension and these scum are robbing hte nation


The United States Dept of Treasury's Inspector General for Tax Administration (

This has been all over youtube. Illegal Aliens with a ITIN# are stealing $4.2 Billion per year, claiming children living in mexico. The amount of refund checks is outrages.....$10,000.00 and $ 29,000.00 tax refunds for kids in mexico!!!! We need to stop this (Illegal Alien Child Credit Loophole Fraud)
Get on youtube and enter 13 investigates IRS tax Loopholes. This will open your eyes to the hugh rip off from illegals.

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