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Jeb Bush to speak at Paul Ryan's House Budget Committee

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will speak Friday morning at the House Budget Committee in Washington. He was invited by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., who saw an op-ed the former Florida governor wrote about removing barriers to free enterprise.

Committee spokesman Conor Sweeney said the discussion will explore the question recently posed by Bush in his op-ed: "Have we lost faith in the free-market system of entrepreneurial capitalism?"

But lest you think it's all about big business, the discussion will also look at how bloated federal budgets, tax loopholes, and regulatory favoritism have "tilted the deck in favor of the well-connected at the expense of the average citizen," Sweeney said. The hearing "will focus on how best to remove the barriers to upward mobility and put an end to cronyism in Washington."


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Denny Wood

Bush will not identify himself as one of Florida's worst ADA violators. He will not tell any committee that for 8 years he evaded the ADA, and never had restrooms on is floors that people in wheelchairs could use.

He will be an actor with a put on face. The ADA suit was filed against Crist in December of 2010. Maybe the entire Capitol with have accessible restrooms on every floor, some day in the near future. The Governor's floors were priority items in the suit settlement which can be viewed a www.dignity4disabled.com

Dewyne Douglass

Looks like one NUT talking to another NUT.


BIG GOVERNMENT Jeb Bush is going to testify about regulatory favoritism? How ironic is it that the greatest advocate for a two tier education system is going to speak about favoritism? Is Stephen Colbert invited to this comedy show? This is a great topic, but Jeb Bush is the least likely person to testify. I hope someone on the committee will ask him about his connections to Pearson and their dependence on regulatory favoritism. Also ask him how much money his "Foundation for Excellence in Education" accepts in donations from for profit charter school operators. Why are his crony appointed educrats on the State Board of Education allowed to arbitrarily overturn the duly processed and rejected applications of charter schools by ELECTED school boards in Seminole and Orange counties?

harry houdini

Closest thing we have to an aristocracy.

Jeremiah P

Of course, the secretive Bilderberg conference currently being held near Washington had absolutely nothing to do with Jeb's presence in Washington!!

He's on the short list of GOP VP candidates now.

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