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Miami Spanish-language TV station says Steve MacNamara 'under the magnifying glass'

Steve MacNamara's no good, very bad week continued Monday night when a Spanish-language television station in Miami painted a less-than-flattering portrait of Gov. Rick Scott's chief of staff.

Host Oscar Haza, of América TeVe's A Mano Limpia show, devoted part of a segment in his popular, nightly current events show to how MacNamara, then working in the Florida Senate, helped steer a $360,000 no-bid state contract to a friend, Sarasota business consultant Abraham Uccello. Haza and two invited guests then discussed the story with this headline in the background: "Under the magnifying glass, Gov. Rick Scott's chief of staff."

A Tallahassee insider like MacNamara, it's safe to say, was mostly unknown to average South Florida Hispanics until last week, when Scott botched a ceremonial bill signing in Miami and upset local politicians blamed poor advice from Scott's staff (read: MacNamara). Amid of flurry of tough press, Scott told reporters Monday that the media had been "mean" to his chief of staff.

It probably won't please the governor, then, that Haza segued from a segment on Medicare fraud into the segment about MacNamara (and, in unrelated news, about a scandal at Miami Beach City Hall) like this: "Let's take a look now at other aspects of corruption here in Florida."


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joe blow

funny how the crazy Cubans and dinosaur Cuban pols got punked by Lord Voldemort!
you've got to be pretty stupid to get punked by this guy!
Viva Fidel!

Peter Schorsch

My interview with WUSF in which I compare Steve MacNamara to Paulie from 'Goodfellas'


James Davidson

Sooner or later the Governor is going to have to ask himself, "is MacNamara really worth losing a re-election?"

Can't take anymore

As one who views only the spreadsheet bottom line and has little or no use for rules or laws, R. Scott must love MacNamara as a kindred spirit. Nothing like a smooth running autocracy to make things easier for our imperial ruler. A fawning Pam Bondi will assure that neither is ever prosecuted for their misfeasance or malfeasance while in office. The public be damned.

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