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It's official: Steve MacNamara is a joke. A Tonight Show punchline, to be exact.

Remember when we said Rick Scott's chief of staff, Steve MacNamara, was the governor's biggest failure? Scott went on to defend MacNamara as story after story detailed how he helped his buddies. Finally, MacNamara quit.

Now, he's a punchline.

A Tonight Show punchline to be exact.

Jay Leno (who might have erred in implicating MacNamara's relatives) included the former staff chief in a monologue around 2:36 in the video below where he says: "And Steven MacNamara, the chief of staff for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, has resigned amid allegations that he steered lucrative state contracts to his friends and relatives. The people most upset about his resignation? His friends and relatives."


That's gotta hurt.


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gotta say marc - you've handled yourself really well in getting macnamara out of office - hats off and kudos to you!


Scott knew what was happening and is just as guilty...Macnamara is the chief fall guy for Scott and it needs to be investigated by the law.We need to get these crooks behind bars where they belong!


If you or i did this we would be sitting behind bars in jail without a doubt...Scott and Macnamara are two peas in a pod and are fleecing Floridians...wheres the investigation?

Republican wise guy

Macnamara was his own worst enemy. This wasnt all Marc S.

Unfortunately for the Governor, Macnamara was actually very good at what he did. He just had character flaws. The Governor needs someone who has Macnamara's experience in Tallahassee, but someone without all the baggage, personal conflict, and seedy agendas.

Good news is Macnamara left the place better than he found it. It was a complete disaster with that clueless silk stocking lawyer Enu.


Is there no justice in this state? Why are Macnamara and the Governor not in prison.

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