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New GOP ad touts Gov. Rick Scott's work on PIP reform

The Republican Party of Florida is airing a new TV ad that praises Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature for reforming the no-fault car insurance system.

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford stars alongside Scott in the 30-second ad. Rutherford, legislative chair for the Florida Sheriffs Association, was also featured in an advertisements earlier this year sponsored by a group pushing legislators to support personal injury protection reforms.

The latest ad shows Scott taking a victory lap of sorts, driving an SUV as he talks about how PIP reforms he signed into law earlier this month will save Florida taxpayers money. (Yes, he's wearing a seatbelt.) At the end of the ad, Scott and Rutherford make a joke that alludes to the staged accidents that have plagued the PIP system in recent years.

A GOP spokeswoman wouldn't say how much the party is spending, though she added it is a "substantial buy" in media markets across Florida. She said the goal was to help Scott spread the word about his work on PIP reform, a main priority of his during the 2012 legislative session.


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As an aspiring criminal mastermind I am wondering if Governor Rick Scott has any advice for a youngster who is impressed with his ability to profit from the fleecing of Florida and those who would otherwise receive the government health assistance that his company stole in the upwards of billions of dollars?

Followup question: How did you get all those Floridians to vote for you after robbing them blind? I mean, besides using the money you stole from them to run for election?

Richard Parillo

He descreases insurance benefits by 75% but allows insurers to keep premiums the same. That is a fraud on consumers. Wake up people. I pay $5.00 a month on PIP, how much is he really going to save me?

United Auto

Does everyone know United Auto paid Rick Scott $100,000 2 days before the vote to drastically reduce the amount insurers have to pay (and keep premiums the same). This new law is the biggest scam.

Russel Koledgki

The new law drastically reduces when you can go to a doctor, the type of therapy you can receive, and the amount the insurers will pay out on claims. However, the new law does not require them to lower premiums. How is this fair for consumers?


LOL so he totally screws Florida consumers in favor of insurance companies and makes a commercial about how great of a job he did. What a joke.

James P

I had an accident several years back and had slight pain for the first week or two. About a month after my accident I started to get headaches and tingling down my arm. That's when I decided to go see a doctor. So if I am reading this correctly under the new law I would not be able to see a doctor after 30 days even though I pay for PIP. And unless my condition is considered a medical emergency I only get $2500 in care even though I am paying the insurance company for $10,000 in medical coverage. How much care can someone really get for $2500. My friend was recently in an accident on a Sunday and went to the ER because no doctors were open. They did a CAT scan and Xrays and billed almost $4000 to his insurance. So what happens to my friend under this new law? He doesnt have health insurance like many of us who can not afford it. He is not allowed to see a doctor since his CAT scan and Xrays were normal according to the hospital?

Nick DaBinsky

So, under the new law, if I go to the ER and I incur a $9500 bill, PIP only has to pay $2500 unless the ER doctor remembers to write that I have an emergency medical condition. If he fails to, forgets to, or finds I do not have an emergency medical condition, then I owe the balance. Thanks Rick Scott. You are really looking out for the insurance industry.

Jill Cara-less-about-u

Under the new law, PIP does not have to pay for massage therapy or acupuncture. I wonder how many jobs will be lost due to this new law. Rick Scott really is the JOBS governor. That is, the loss of jobs Governor.

 I M Patriot

Gov Scott only represents big insurance and his own pocketbook, not the good citizens of Florida. This bill is ANTI_CONSUMER and does not address the fraudulent insurance companies. Why would an individual spend millions of his own funds to become Gov unless there was some pay off ! Don't be fooled come next election

Marco Rubio

What a fraud on the taxpayers by the biggest fraudster of all! ! Scott is garbadge! There is NO less scum ! Thanks for Nothing but increasing your friends in the insurance companies profits and screwing everyone else.

Snotty Scotty

Higher auto insurance premiums and Rick Scott has ads made up claiming he will lower rates? What balls! If you lower the payout and keep premiums the same it is the same thing as a dramatic increase in premiums.

George Chimpigny


Concerned citizen for the impeachment o ric scott

Wake up floridians! This gov is a criminal - don't be fooled by the ripoff consumer bill that Scott pushed thru to help his insurance buddies who are the only winners in this punch in the stomach + wallets of All fla drivers! If you don't see a Dr in 14 days your pip is not valid- u will have to pay out of your pocket. If u don't have a emergency medical condition w/in those 14 days - your 10,000.- pip is only worth 2,500-u . Pip will go down-dream on!- it will never go down-and if it did 10% on only your pip part ,not your whole insurance policy. That will save u a dollar or 2 - hope about fraud -does nothing for this.

Rick Hertzman

Scott is concerned only with his big corporate doners. the insurance companies are paying for the ads with the increased 75% in profits

he is in bed with united auto, who slipped tricky rick a 100k during session! CORRUPT RICK SCOTT

remember he resigned his company when he got caught bilking medicare of 2.3 billion, he is a thief, please recall this con artist


No mention of the 5 billion profit the ins industry
Made last year The always ask for premium increases
Always get them It's Ti make share holders happy
They want Ur premium but don't want to pay
Its obserd that if Ur hurt u need to see a doctor in
First 14 days So now they r doctors too
I see many patients after two weeks post crash
Most people think its a strain sprain and wraith the four weeks
Every one needs to call Scott's office and continue to call until things r changed
He's the biggest crook if all with his Medicaid scam


You see that Scott really took on the big issues hitting Florida, as I scratch my head I still wonder what percentage of claims as compared to total PIP claims actually involve PIP fraud; It appears to me that htye took a line from Adolph Hitler himself, make a big lie and tell it with such conviction that the people will soon believe it. What you will not see Ms. Florida driver, is your insurnace bill decrease. Nope. Nada. Zilch. The law does nothing to attack the larger portion of your auto insurance bill, liability and uninsured motorist coverage. So, your Florida Legislature worked many days on one issue that impacts less than $15.00 of your monthly automobile insurance bill. That cannot be efficient use of such valuable taxpayers' time that these monsters in Tallahassee use to pass laws to help us, and it more likley appears that under Gov. Scott, Florida's government is the best government money can buy.

Joe Plitok

Since when is it ethical for a sitting uniformed Sheriff to make political commercials for either party?? Was the Sheriff or Scott compensated?

Joe Plitok

The most ironic thing about this is quite simple.

Here is Rick Scott, the King of HCA who took the 5th amendment 75 times during a deposition as to his knowledge of the fraud committed at HCA.

Yet he sits here talking about ending PIP fraud...


Scott is guru of fraud.

Tom Thomason

It cost $100,000 for the insurance industry to purchase Rick Scott.
The look on his face along with his cronies Negron, Boyd and Atwater when a court overturns this blatant anti-consumer law; priceless.

Martin Rouse

As I read this article and these comments I am struck by the fact that not one comment supports this new "law".
Could it be that Scott and his merry men have become the new Sheriff of Nottingham; He collects money from the insurance companies and allows them to in turn screw the innocent citizens of Florida.



Florida drivers currently pay a mere $9.00 per month per vehicle insured for PIP coverage!

Saving us 10% by October is barely $12.00 for the entire year...yet we have to give-up the coverage limits and the rights that we now enjoy?



Show me the savings? Not to the consumer. The savings will be a huge windfall to the insurance industry. They are Scott's friends, not the voters or citizens of Florida. The insurance industry wrote this law, and paid for the passage of this law. How any county Sheriff can stand beside Scott is beyond comprehension. He is a criminal who should be behind bars. Instead his company paid the fine, and allowed him to walk with a nice golden parachute. He took that money and bought himself the govenorship of Florida. Wake up, vote this clown out of office!!!!

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