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Non-citizen voter database has flaws, local elections officials say

Florida election supervisors, at their annual convention in Tampa this week, find themselves focusing once again on a familiar and troubling issue: the accuracy and reliability of the state voter registration database.

It’s not a problem of their making, and that only adds to their frustration.

As the elections officials convene, they are simultaneously seeking to verify the legal status of about 2,700 voters who were red-flagged by the state motor vehicle agency as non-U.S. citizens and thus ineligible to vote. Problem is, some people on that can legally vote.

One of the people on the list is Manoly Castro-Williamson, 48, of Wesley Chapel, a U.S. citizen and a registered Republican who has voted in every election in Florida since 2004. She was one of 13 potential non-citizen voters forwarded to Pasco County by state elections officials.

Pasco Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley said he finds it troubling that Castro-Williamson, known as a “super voter” for her commitment to casting a ballot, now is being forced to prove her citizenship status just four months after voting in the Republican presidential preference primary.

Corley said she did, by faxing his office a copy of her Ohio birth certificate. But that was after she got an ominous-sounding letter from Corley that said: “You may be in violation of Florida Statutes by being a registered voter in the state of Florida,” and telling her she was entitled to a hearing to challenge an adverse decision.

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It's sad that some citizens' right to vote have to be questioned because some other folks (aliens) have managed to get on the voter roles in the past.

Those who are incorrectly questioned should received an apology (and explanation) from the officials involved, but they should also be told that their right to vote has been brought into question because some other illegitimate folks have crept on to the voter roles.

It's not the citizens fault; it is the illegales fault.


Amen, whasup. This is the price of honest elections, and one we should be willing to pay.

Tally Folly

Try getting a new driver's license these days.
The Rethuglicans in Tallahassee are some of the worst ilk ever seen in politics.


Scott and the Republicans are at it again. This is a way to cut down on poor voters who may find it difficult and expensive to get their birth certificates. That people born in this country are on this list shows how bogus it is. This is NOT necessary and certainly is not the fault of immigrants. Remember last time they were cutting people off the voting roles who might have been felons, only what they did was cut off people with the same name. Anyone who does not think republicans register illegally should look at Ann Coulter registering at a fake address.

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