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Obama's first 'positive' ad silent on ObamaCare & stimulus

President Obama's campaign has announced a $25 million month-long ad buy in Florida and other states he narrowly won. The ad has a morning-again-in-America feel and mentions the successes of the auto-industry bailout, the death of Osama bin Laden, the end of the Iraq war and the growth of 4.2 million jobs under Obama.

Here's what the ad doesn't mention: Obama's healthcare proposal and the $787 billion stimulus program. Both are unpopular, according to polls. Both are signature accomplishments of Obama's administration.

Also, the ad is silent on the fact that, under Obama, the troop levels in Afghanistan have increased (so some of those Iraq-returning soldiers are Afghanistan bound). And though 4.2 million jobs have been created under Obama, 4.3 million were lost at the beginning of his term (when he inherited President Bush's economy, which shed 4.4 million jobs).

"We're not there yet," the ad says. "It's still too hard for too many."

Ya think?

"But we're coming back."

We'll see.

A comment from the campaign: "From the moment President Obama took the oath of office, he’s fought for a forward-looking America, where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded, where everyone has a fair shot and does their fair share, and everyone from Wall Street to Main Street plays by the same rules. The ad released today highlights the President’s commitment to the American worker and his belief that a strong and growing economy built to last has to start with restoring the basic values that made our country great – values like hard work, fairness and opportunity.”