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Oppenheimer on Marco Rubio's 'pirouettes' and rebranding.

Sen. Marco Rubio, the 40-year-old rising star of the Republican Party and among top contenders to be Gov. Mitt Romney’s running mate, is trying to rebrand himself from a right-wing Cuban-American politician to a center-right Hispanic one.

That’s the impression I got after interviewing him at length on immigration and U.S.-Latin American relations last week.

During the interview, Rubio — who, if picked to be on the ballot in November would become the first Hispanic on a presidential ticket — stayed a prudent distance from the most extreme foreign policy stands of his hard-line Republican colleagues in Congress.

On immigration, Rubio, opposes President Barack Obama’s proposed Dream Act that would give a path to citizenship to more than 1 million college-bound students who were brought to this country as children by no fault of their own. But in the interview, he stressed his new proposal to draft a bill that would give these youths legal residency, but no citizenship. He said “a little bit more compassion is needed” for these undocumented youths.

Asked whether Romney hasn’t alienated Latinos by wholeheartedly embracing Arizona’s anti-immigration law and calling for the “self-deportation’’ of undocumented residents — a euphemism for what many see as making their lives impossible in order to force their departure — Rubio made various verbal pirouettes to avoid criticizing his party’s presumptive nominee.

Andres Oppenheimer's column continues here

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/05/2784048/new-marco-rubio-faces-key-test.html#storylink=cpy


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We have one way in returning the power to the American people, is to retire the majority of Democrats, Liberals and Republican politicians, and give that influence to the Constitutional TEA PARTY leadership. Under Obama we have seen the U.S. deficit rising to an almost fanatical 16 trillion dollars. In Sen. Harry Reid’s party no move towards a balanced budget. Then both parties have deliberately ignored the astronomical $113 billion dollars a year, pander to the 20 plus million illegal migrants and immigrants already settled here. Our only real chance to stop the illegal invaders is adopting more Tea Party Senators and Representatives. Millions of demoralized Americans of different racial make-ups, religions and political parties have joined the Tea Party that represents all citizens, permanent residents whether of Hispanic, Latino, European, and Asian, Pacific Rim or any part of the world’s population who came here legally.

Senator Marco Rubio has his own plan for the Dream Act, other than the very incendiary law that Democrats have in mind. For any realistic chance of the Dream Act gaining passage in Congress, certain provisions must be in effect. The central government has to enact a nationwide mandatory E-Verify program, that Chain Migration must be rescinded from immigration law, that only children below the age of ten would be considered and that all recipients to obtain a path to citizenship, must depart the country and apply for a entry at an Embassy, as every other patient immigrant must do. A larger majority of the Tea Party members would also insist that the Birthright Citizenship law be amended, so no pregnant illegal alien mother or parents could take advantage any more with their child/children getting instant citizenship. That no baby/infant should become a taxpayer’s burden, unless one parent is a U.S. citizen. Over the years this law has become mutated, and should not be a foothold, for every illegal migrant or immigrant who smuggles themselves into America to gain admittance to welfare and public assistance. These programs should only be available to citizens, naturalized citizens and green card holders.


That the farming and agricultural commerce have an obligation to pay the benefits for their labor and not the state’s taxpayers. There will no importation of migrant poverty anymore, by cutting off access to welfare, food stamps, and section 8 housing programs. Taxpayer doesn’t need or should we accept any new low skilled workers, instead we must necessitate in supplying our own citizens with more occupational programs. Further we must safeguard our voting system which has been compromised by the far left, its Liberal associates, Democrats and groups like ACORN that became a vital factor of a growing number of state requiring official ID to vote. Illegal aliens are voting and will again in local, state and federal elections and this dishonesty must be ended. Another set of regulations to amend, would be a careful examination of the current visa system allowing around a million legal immigrants annually into the U.S. No further violation can be tolerated from businesses and we should only permit the highest intelligence in engineering, the sciences, mathematicians and computer technology professionals to immigrate.

Illegal immigration must become a thing of the past by securing our border fences. Business that intentionally ignores E-Verify should face harsh sanctions, including prison. Elected officials, who allow such provisions as Sanctuary City ordinances, should be punished and government legislators should sever funds to these perpetrators. All federal and state legislators, governors, majors, police chiefs should be put on notice, that voters will unseat them, specially the Tea Party members. Any illegal alien invaders of this sovereign country, should be prosecuted as a Felony, not a civil infraction, with ID theft or Voter Fraud should be mandatory prison sentence, with no exceptions.

America is bleeding badly from years of neglect by both political parties and pampering of foreign nationals cannot be accepted any more as the norm. Internal enforcement is more urgent than ever before, because of supporting illegal aliens is skyrocketing and taxpayers are on the hook. Illegal aliens have also found a way, to obtain $4.6 billion dollars annually by defrauding the IRS and the taxpayers, using non-existent children tax credits. Elections are no longer safe as Democrats and their less honest followers are participating in voter fraud. We either need a national ID card or that all voters must possess a government picture ID for proof of who they are?

If you cherish your freedoms from the corruption in Washington that benefits all of us, we need a balanced tax system with no subsidies, a right to drill on the Peoples National land and sea for plentiful reservoirs of oil, natural gas to alleviate our out-of-control deficit. No more government bail outs for the friends of the White house. Throw out all the profiteering lawmakers and by cleaning house, put recognizable TEA PARTY leaders in their place. Voters need to demand from Congress, specifically from GOP House speaker, John Boehner of Ohio and Dave Camp of Michigan, as the Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee to stop blocking the 50-state E-Verify bill. Call the central switchboard at 202-224-3121 Washington, DC. For further information on this crisis subject, check with NumbersUSA website, where even Congress consults on immigration matters.

west coast guy

Odd that this poster, trying to be hyper-patriotic, uses the name Brittanicus.


Gee, West Coast, what a wonderful observation. How intelligent you are. Now, why don't you comment on what is being discussed instead of being picky.

Illegal immigration: There is NOTHING right about it. It takes away jobs of Americans, drives down the wages of others, is grossly unfair to legal immigrants to this country -- and on and on. Pretty Boy Rubio has introduced DREAM Acts before. He is on a mission to get amnesty for illegals, joined by his mentor, Jeb
Bush. Two anti-American scoundrels.

Terry Magyar

Remember to vote against politicians that support ILLEGAL residents over LEGAL residents.


And, odd that the rabid anti immigrant's writing style suggests English as a second language!

Robert Jenkins

Are you suggesting that Marco wears a Tu-tu? If you don't like what Marco is saying today; tune in tommorow, for what he really meant to say. Honestly, he doesn't even know what a "true" exile is. He thought he was one, he stated he was one, he even wrote it on his official senate web page.That was before he was hit with the "Valor Robado" thing. Once he was caught ly... I mean once he realized he was not the Son of a "true" exiles; he changed his "official" senate website. Now as to this "Dream Act" stand; WHAAAAAT? Outside of South East Florida; Marco is not the best choice for V.P.. As Ricky Ricardo would say, you got some splainin to do. Besides, can you imagine this bright rising star, becoming a meteor over night; due to the investigations turning against him. Can the G.O.P. afford another Spiro Agnew? To me Marco could have had it all. He made too many bad decisions. I think his "Valor Robado", will surely be the Albitros around his neck."If" he gets indicted; do you suppose Gov. Scott will appoint himself as Senator to serve out his term? I'd make a big bet on that happening. Stealing the Valor of a "true" exile is one of the slimiest things I've ever heard of. Little flash in the pan, Marco; seems about to jump from the frying pan; into the flame. I believe he is as far as he is going to get politically; due to the score of skycaps needed to carry all his baggage. I loved his explanation on doubling for flights, that were actually comped to him by a friend.Or being re-imbursed for damage to his minivan ,charged to the FLGOP credit card; that had already been covered by the hotel's Valet parking service. Can you say "Tip of the Iceberg"? No, little Marco better return to the shadows; known as Floriduh politics, before he is completly destroyed by the "liberal" main stream media. lol

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