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Opponents of SW Ranches prison protest Wasserman Schultz ... in Aventura

An immigration rights group that is fighting against a planned privately-operated immigration detention facility in Southwest Ranches will hold a protest tomorrow at 11 a.m. at U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (D-Weston) office in Aventura.

The prison has created a war between the tiny Broward town of Southwest Ranches and neighboring Pembroke Pines -- read more about the about-face from Pines at PolitiFact.com and Wasserman Schultz's letter about the project. And it has created an odd coalition in an attempt to stop it: immigration rights supporters and suburban residents whose fears include living near immigrants accused of crimes.

From the press release from the Florida Immigrant Coalition:

"Since 2011, residents of Southwest Broward, immigrant communities and diverse advocates have been working to stop the building of this massive immigration prison in the town of Southwest Ranches by for-profit prison giant, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). These efforts include several requests to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to withdraw a letter of support she sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director, Gary Mead, in April 2011, and to intervene with ICE to stop the project. Despite overwhelming and broad opposition, she has refused to withdraw her support to the proposed prison.
"For close to a year, we've been nicely yet persistently saying that Latino and immigrant families in her district and all over South Florida will be hurt by this prison.” says Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director for the Florida Immigrant Coalition. “Our fears and tears will no longer go unheard and ignored! The Congresswoman should represent the interests of all Florida families, not for-profit prisons."


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Well, if these activists who support illegal immigration would just send all their illegal immigrant relatives and friends back to their home countries, they wouldn't have to end up in immigration prison, and we wouldn't need this new prison for immigrants ... would we now?

Doesn't care

If it doesn't concern rich Jewish constituents, Debbie doesn't care.
She needs to be voted out, or fired by Obama, or both!


The residents of SWR aren't in a feud with Pembroke Pines. It is the Elected Council and their cohorts. We are neighbors and want to live in peace and quiet side by side. There is no animosity. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Senator Bill Nelson coauthored a letter of approval for this "PRISON". We are all joining together to fight it!!!!CCA is a for profit corporation with stockholders, and doesn't care about riots, understaffing, underpaying employees, sexual and physical abuses. The list just goes on and on. They are being sued by victims, who were sexually abused, unnecessary deaths due to their neglect to provide health services to the inmate, and their own employees for wages owed. Needless to say the ACLU also has several lawsuits.

Ranches Resident

Debbie supporting private prisons goes against most democrats' thinking. Its known she already accepted donations from CCA. She is putting thousands of children at risk by endorsing a prison in the midst of over a dozen schools and thousands of homes. Prisons do not belong in the middle of a residential community, ESPECIALLY a prison with an awful track record like CCA. CCA does not belong here and neither does an ICE facility. Debbie is blinded by private prison INC's money. As a woman and mother, Debbie and Obama lost my support with this private prison endorsement.


Debbie's long career is coming to a sad close very soon!

Michael S

"For-profit prisons" is a horrible idea, and even worse, in practice. The Congresswoman is strangely on the wrong side of this issue, stands to gain nothing from supporting it, except campaign funding it would appear. The Repubs would love to see her defeated, of course, yet they love the idea of for-profit prisons!

South West Ranches

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