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PolitiFact: Top Florida Republican backs Florida registration changes

The controversial election law partially struck down by a federal judge Thursday is a frequent subject of political fodder.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry jumped into the debate weeks ago by publishing this column in the Orlando Sentinel.

The law helps curb voter fraud (which is already quite rare), he argues.

Curry also rejected critics' concerns that new restrictions on third-party organizations that register voters are unnecessarily burdensome.

To defend his point, he said "more than 250 (voter registration) groups, ranging across the entire political spectrum, have filed with the state and are registering voters right now."

That's worth a fact check, we thought.
We rated the statement Half True. Click the links for the full explanation and source list.


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What can POSSIBLY be wrong with expecting people to show their ID to vote????!!!


His ENTIRE article is misleading, not just the part about third party registrations.

Not everybody has to show ID to buy beer. You don't have to show ID if you pay with cash at the supermarket.

You don't need ID to walk to work. You don't need ID to buy food. You don't need ID to ride the bus. You don't need ID to have a child.

Just because some people need ID for some things does not mean "those people need ID to vote."

This is a specious argument.

As for the Madison County fraud, neither the voter poll purge, the 48 hour rule, or the ID requirment would have done anything to prevent that. Why is this being used as an example? Because the Republicans hope and think we are stupid and will believe anything they says.

The NBC2 story appears to say they found "nearly 100" cases of fraud, but in fact, if you pay attention, they only found 3. The nearly 100 refers to instances that were not followed up on at all by the TV station, or possibly were followed up on without telling us the results.

Mr. Curry says this: "The right to vote was something that our predecessors fought vigorously for, and it is a process that must continually be protected." That is why people are up in arms at what the Repbublican party is doing in Florida. The Republicans will gladly disenfranchise and discourage hundreds of thousands of mainly Democratic Party voters on the pretense of protecting the right to vote. Like I said, they hope and think we are stupid.

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