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Puerto Rico's gov. backs Connie Mack

From the governor of Puerto Rico: "Connie and I entered the Congress on the same day and I admired how he fought for freedom -- every American's Constitutional freedom.  Connie always used to tell me, 'Freedom is the core of all human progress,' and from his fights on against tyrants like Hugo Chavez to the advent of his Penny Plan, Connie Mack has always been an incredible champion of freedom and prosperity.  All conservatives know, and all Americans know, that we must stop Washington's endless appetite for the people's money and it's constant desire to do more and control more. Electing Connie Mack to the U.S. Senate and defeating liberal Senator Bill Nelson will help make sure conservatives have another champion for freedom in the Senate, and that Harry Reid, President Obama, and Washington's other Lockstep Liberals can't inflict any more damage on the nation."

Posted by Adam C. Smith