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Rep. Bill Hager, the Florida Legislature's duly elected birther-tweeter-jokester

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Who knew that we were supposed to dig through citizenship and school-transcript records? Rep. Bill Hager, that's who. The Boca Raton Republican's tweet: "Any guess as to why Obama has hidden his hi school & college records? Wanna bet bc he applied for aid as a foreign std? #sayfie"

A joke? Probably. But it's also a reminder that some might still be struggling with the fact that 1) Obama is lawfully the president 2) He was born in the US (according to his birth certificate, the state of Hawaii and contemporaneous newspaper birth-announcements) and 3) he went to Harvard.

Haters....er...Hager's gonna hate.




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I believe his admission to Occidental College in California referenced his status as a foreign student (because of his temporary residency in the far east) which, while not necessarily meaning that he was not born in the USA, does lead to some of the confusion. More important, it is tiresome always to hear/read that anyone who questions anything about Barack Obama is a hater. Shame on you for falling in line.


Nice try, Garl.
There's no real 'confusion' to be explained away here, least of all with a shaming of Caputo.
Folks among us happy to drink from a very old and deep well of red white and blue racism simply have never been willing to concede that a person of African descent is in the Oval Office. THAT, and not some hearsay about an obscure college transcript, is the root problem of which Bitherism is an embarrasing symptom.

Questions about Obama's performance are more than fair, and I myself have many of those. Questions about his legitimacy as 'one of us' are loathesome.


Back at ya, Doorworker. The racist tag flies far too easily from your lips and from the lips of those like you. Shame on you, too.


THere has never been any proof that the President went to college as a foreign student. In fact, the original claim was made on-line as part of an April Fools joke in 2009. The fact hat Hager fell for an old, debunked joke only conformist that he is not just an April fool, but a year-round fool as well.


Garl, I will admit, that not every birther is a racist, but unfortunately, racism is at the root and core of of the birther meme. It is an attack on the President's ancestry and heritage. Birtherism = racism. You can not come to the cross burning and say you are just there for the campfire songs and the marshmallows.


You have to admit, the claim that the president went to Occidental as a foreign student has to be one of the best April Fools jokes in a long time. It's still catching fools.

Mary Adams

What's so stupid about this "foreign student" BS is that high school transcripts are required for college admission and Obama's would clearly be coming from a US school.

Colleges don't care where you went to first through 4th grade and you sure can't apply for financial aid based on where you lived in grade school.

Also, it would be just plain stupid to apply for foreign student aid as there is much less of it and the competition is greater than for regular student aid.


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