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Rep. Rachel Burgin is all in vs. former FL Sen. Prez Tom Lee for state Senate

State Rep. Rachel Burgin officially announced today that she will run for state Senate District 24 against former Senate President Tom Lee.

It'll be quite a race for Tampa Bay. As noted yesterday, when incumbent Sen. Ronda Storms announced her resignation, Burgin has an edge in that she's an incumbent and moneyman Sam Rashid, who fashions himself as a kingmaker, might favor her more. Lee, whom the lobby corps dislikes for forcing lobbyist reforms, still has access to heavy-hitter fundraisers and knows the game better than the others.

Storms decision ultimately affects the insider Republican battle between St. Petersburg's Jack Latvala and St. Augustine's John Thrasher to be Senate President in two years. Storms was a vote for Latvala.

Here's Burgin's written statement: 

“I am humbled to have represented State House District 56 for the past four years. State Senate District 24 encompasses many residents I have had the honor of representing since 2008,” said Representative Burgin.

“Senator Ronda Storms has served our community well for many years. Her steadfast and tireless commitment to conservative values and principles and her dedication to our community’s children have been extraordinary. My commitment is to work tirelessly to advance our shared values and principles in the Florida Senate.”

“The Senate needs true leaders that are willing to take a stand on behalf of the constituents they represent not just the special interests that may want their vote. The people of Florida have told us they want fresh faces, good morals, strong ethics and hard workers in Tallahassee who refuse to participate in politics as usual. As I run this race I will work hard to listen and continue to represent the residents of our community in the Florida Senate”


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Cynical Idealist

Marc - What makes you think "Lee, whom the lobby corps dislikes for forcing lobbyist reforms, still has access to heavy-hitter fundraisers and knows the game better than the others" is anywhere near an accurate statement? Lee did not force the reforms, Allen Bense tossed a total gift ban bill at Lee in hopes Lee would permit tort reform to pass, thinking Lee wouldn't accept it and would still let tort reform pass. But, Lee did. That Lee has access to heavy hitter fundraisers is disputable in that no one in the lobbying corps any longer cares who he is and what he does. He is, and will continue to be, persona non grata amongst lobbyists in Tallahassee, which I'm sure he'll attempt to play to his advantage. Arguably, the only part of your statement that is true is he "knows the game better than the others." And, given he's been gone six years now, the players have substantially changed, as has the "game."


Rachel Burgin is a joke. Does she still live with her parents? she may be the dumbest member of the Legislature. A Moody Bible Institute grad. Is that even a accredited school? I guess a school like Liberty or Bob Jones were to challenging for her.


Heard that Harrison and Glorioso are still considering. Either would be better choices.


@Tim///look on the internet if you have questions...
http://www.moody.edu/edu_MainPage.aspx?id=976.In checking, both the Universities have the same basic accreditation. Only one of those colleges has a local campus.
Also, if you research the filing info, you may find Rep. Burgin's address status!
I might suggest you check into Mr. Lee and his supporters!!

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