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Rick Scott staff chief Steve MacNamara gave $400k no-bid contract to pal


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Rick Scott's chief of staff helped steer a no-bid consulting contract worth $360,000 to a friend who now leads a task force rooting out state government waste.

Steve MacNamara was still working for the Florida Senate when he recommended Sarasota business consultant Abraham Uccello for the contract to streamline the Legislature's computer systems.

Their connection remains strong: Uccello said he sometimes stays at MacNamara's house when visiting Tallahassee. After Uccello was tapped by Scott to lead the government efficiency task force, MacNamara let Uccello get a government security badge that gives him access to the governor's office.

Uccello's company, Harvester Consulting, was hired when MacNamara was then chief of staff for Senate President Mike Haridopolos. State corporation records show that Harvester Consulting was formed the month before the contract was awarded.

In an email, MacNamara said Uccello was highly qualified and said that the contract was not required to be put out to bid.

"I needed someone who understood technology and could save the legislature money which I knew he did and he saved us millions," MacNamara wrote.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/04/2783467/fla-task-force-head-got-no-bid.html#storylink=cpy


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Tom Jones

that's OK he is a republican, if it was a democrat it would be wrong.


In government the word "budget" is short for whose "bud(dy) gets"!

Typical of governmentese propaganda and the ruling-class mentality, "budget" drops reference to the "whose" prefix, because folks don't want taxpayers focusing on whose cronies are get our money.

Edw, Benson

This is typical of the low and lowering behaviors of Steve MacNamara, as he rises in power from a lowe ethics management consulting firm. S cott picks them for their willingness to use skullduggery.

Tea party

How does SM still get paid from FSU and the Govs office at the same time? Is CoS not Full Time? $189k from EOG, $117K from FSU.


And the best part is that the $117K from FSU is for .75 of an FTE, that is, 3/4ths of one full-time job.

So if he's working full time for the Gov, and 3/4 time for FSU, what's FSU getting for it's (i.e., our) money?

Or maybe this is just another example of how out-of-control the higher educrocracy is. FSU figures it's got one of its employees sitting as the Gov's #2, right hand guy.

What bureaucracy wouldn't want to pay one of its minions for that access to great power?!

Johnny Hothead

If that's the case, then halfassu is getting jobbed. They lost a tone in the raid on university reserve funds. MacNamara must go! And, let him take the rest of the scoundrels with him!


Indeed, they lost a pile in the (legitimate) raid on the higher educrocracy schools' slush funds.

And FSU lost out on more, when Scott vetoed the legislation giving UF and FSU their special deal (tuition increases) to jack even more cash out of their students, when Scott vetoed that legislation.

Sometimes, the problem with having one of your group's agents at the right hand of the grand-high muckity-muck, is that it draws too much suspicion on anything that smacks of special treatment for your organization (bureaucracy, school, corporation, non-profit, whatever).

It's time for FSU's lord (His Grace, Duke Barron) to ask: "Just what are we paying, MacNamara for?"

Greg Walters

So which is it? Was it the Legislature or was it MacNamara who hired Uccello ?


Was this at the same time Mac was plotting to hand over the legislature's lobbyist registration system to the some press association (capitol press corps or whichever?) in a wired, sweet deal for the press?

Someone in the press reported on that and it looks like that deal got derailed.


Have you checked who is working in that office now? Former students, McCollum staffers and other liberals. Check out the pay increases. That Florida Has a Right to Know site is excellent. Salaries have gone out of sight! The guy seems to have removed almost everyone loyal to the governor and replaced them with people loyal to him. No wonder they call him Governor MacNamara! This pig has got to go and he has to go now. That crap that went down in Miami/Dade was the last straw for me.

Bill B.

Is this the same guy who flew off the handle at Sen. Jones for not voting for prison privatization? Who went crying to the press that he gave him a few measely appointments? Is this the same man who called in chips so that the appointments would not not be confirmed by the Senate? The same man who then decided remove those appointments?

Who am I kidding? Yeah it is the same man.

James Davidson

Let's make a deal, let's make a deal. Taxpayer, voter be damned. Let's just call it horse trading. What two or three little appointments not enough for your vote? Come to my office or I will cry to the papers about how unfair you are to me. Don't you know who I am? I am Steve MacNamara and don't you forget it!! I personally destroyed the Senate in the final hours of session last year because I did not get what I wanted and I can do the same to you.

joe blow

vote out ALL Republican BUMS in November. Problem Solved!


There is way too many people buying influence and filling their own pockets with money in the capital. This state can be so much better than it is. Why do we settle for less?


Rick Scott, Once a CROOK, Always a CROOK!


It will be a cold day in he!! before TBT touches this story. Can't rat out their main source.


If Steve doesn't inappropriately influence a procurement at least once a day, he is having a bad day. How many agency heads (that now report to him and won't risk their jobs to resist his arm twisting) has he bulllied into doing his bidding? For every such act that comes to light you can bet thee are 100 that don't. This isn't a Republican thing. Democrats were just as bad. This is a power mad dishonest person thing.


I guess reporter Gary Fineout is trying hard to make a splash in his new AP job, but there's no scandal here. Actually, there's really no news here at all.

The Legislature doesn't have the same procurement requirements as the executve branch. Haridopolos and MacNamara did nothing wrong by hiring Uccello, and there's nothing wrong with the way he was hired. Gary doesn't bother to point that out, for some reason.

Regarding whether Uccello was an acquaintance of MacNamara, so what? Is Gary implying that all acquaintances of the chief of staff are supposed to be barred from contracting with the Senate, regardless of their qualifications? How would that make any sense?

Good try, Gary, but you really don't have any story to tell with this one. If you learn about any real news associated with this situation, let us know, but for the time being, this is not newsworthy.

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