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Scott at National Day of Prayer event: 'We all need God's help'

Top officials in Florida’s government paused to pray Thursday, hosting a National Day of Prayer event at the state Capitol.

Gov. Rick Scott, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and House Speaker Dean Cannon all offered words of spiritual guidance, and asked for prayers for government.

“We’d all agree our nation faces tough challenges,” said Scott. “And we all need God’s help.”

Scott, pivoting briefly to his constant focus on jobs, asked for prayers for the 800,000 Floridians who are unemployed.

“Please pray for them,” he said. “We need more businesses and job opportunities in our state, so please pray for Florida businesses.

Carroll took the opportunity to ask for prayers for veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. She used the example of Junior Seau, who committed suicide on Wednesday.

“Our military men and women are also coming back with injuries in the head,” said Carroll, a U.S. Navy veteran whose son plays football for the Miami Dolphins. “Post-traumatic stress disorder is something that is plaguing our military men and women.”

The event was hosted by Pam Olsen, of the International House of Prayer.

Olsen encouraged Floridians to pray for their leaders, even when they don’t agree with them.



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Does the Governor want us to pray for jobs for only the 800,000 or so officially counted unemployed, or for all those other unemployed folks--not in the official government counts--who have quit looking for jobs ... because it's largely a waste of time, limited energy, and meager resources here in Obama's ugly jobs recession.

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