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Scott commends MacNamara, names Hollingsworth as replacement

Gov. Rick Scott announced Saturday that he has appointed Jacksonville native Adam Hollingsworth, 43, to replace outgoing chief of staff Steve MacNamara who resigned on Saturday, effective July 1.

Hollingsworth currently leads the right-of-way division for Flagler Development Group.  He formerly served as Chief of Staff to Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton.  Hollingsworth and his wife, Amy, have two children, ages four and two.

Scott also commended MacNamara for his guidance over the past nine months. Here's his statement:

“I’m grateful for Steve’s invaluable assistance in helping advance my agenda to strengthen education, create jobs, and lower the cost of living for Floridians.  Over the past 10 months, thanks to his expertise and guidance, we added $1 billion for education, we passed a job creation and economic development package, we passed accident fraud reform, and thanks to him, we implemented many positive changes to the way the State of Florida does business.

"Our openness and transparency has been praised as ground breaking.  I believe Steve has had a tremendous impact on me and Ann as well as my administration and our state.  I respect his efforts and ideas.  I have a great deal of confidence in his ability to assist me and my staff through the upcoming weeks as we transition to a new chief of staff.  Ann and I look forward to continue building our friendship with Steve and his wife, Liberty.”


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Classic word-smithing to get rid of a crappy employee so he can't sue.

joe blow

Hollingsworth comes to Tally from JAX as one of the guys who engineered a HALF BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATE WELFARE bailout in the SCUMRAIL DEAL.
You know the one that will cost Central Florida taxpayers BILLIONS while LURCH SCOTT gave away BILLIONS in Federal high speed rail money.
Hollingsworth's new monikor is MacNamara JR!


Them's harsh words but if Scott likes him enough to appoint him as Mac's replacement then believable.I'll watch his unraveling.

Back to the $5 Billion contract. Supposed to be legal. How so? Can't we get our money back?

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