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Swing states Q poll: Romney 44, waning Obama 43 (FL). Obama 44, Romney 42 (OH). Obama 47, Romney 39 (PA)

President Obama is waning, having lost 6 points since the last Quinnipiac University poll in March while Mitt Romney has ticked up 2 points. The latest results:

There is a small gender gap in the Florida presidential race as men back Romney 46 – 42 percent while women back Obama 44 – 42 percent, too close to call on both counts.

Florida voters disapprove 50 – 46 percent of the job Obama is doing and say 50 – 45 percent he does not deserve to be reelected.

The economy is in a recession, voters say 70 – 26 percent and 51 percent say the recovery has begun.  Romney would do a better job on the economy, voters say 49 – 40 percent.

By a 51 – 38 percent margin, Florida voters want the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the 2010 health care reform legislation.

Voters approve 49 – 39 percent of the way Obama is handling the situation in Afghanistan, but they say 64 – 27 percent that the U.S. should not be involved.  Obama’s pace withdrawing troops from Afghanistan is about right, 44 percent of voters say.

Looking at possible vice presidential candidates, 40 percent of Florida voters pick Sen. Rubio, followed by 14 percent for Christie, with no other candidate above 7 percent.

“The dead heat in Florida appears to be a result of Obama’s decline as much as anything else.  In March the president had a 51 – 44 favorability rating compared to 46 – 47 percent today,” Brown said.  “Romney barely moved, from 41 – 36 favorable in March to 40 – 34 percent favorable now.”


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Peter Schorsch

Key takeaways from today's Qunnipiac poll of Florida showing Romney 44%, Obama 43%



Obama will win Florida. Bank on it.


No he won't. Romney will. Especially if Rubio is VP. Keep telling yourself that.


women won't stand up and vote for their own interests until they have lost them. Democracy is dead!


No reason to stress. I can tell u how to figure out who will win. Take the undecided vote and give it to the challenger at an 80 percent clip. If u have to ask yourself 3 years later if u wanna be married to the same persin your marriage is in trouble. It is simple math. Also u can take 1 percentage point from the incumbant from the last poll taken. Finally, only pay attentioh to like voter polls (LV), the others do not mean anything. So in a nut shell obama is gonna lose huge. It is math and u will see in 6 moths I am right. It is presidential election math. Sorry liberals

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