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'Tax Your Assets Off' campaign launches in support of prop tax amendment

Supporters of a property tax Constitutional Amendment are urging Floridians to vote "Yes" on Amendment 4 this fall, or risk having their "assets taxed off."

Referring to rising property taxes in a down real estate market as "Sudden Posterior Reduction Syndrome" (or getting your assets taxed off), a group called Taxpayers First is pushing for an Amendment that will outlaw property tax increases when home values fall.

In a group of Youtube videos, Taxpayers First calls on voters to support the amendment at the ballot this fall. The mock video shows a talk show host interviewing a doctor about Sudden Posterior Reduction Syndrome.

"I first noticed on a patient around the onset of the recession," says a man identified as Dr. Stanton Robinson. "The value of his home went down, but his property taxes went up."

"That sounds really serious," the talk show host responds. 

In addition to outlawing the so-called, "recapture rule" Amendment 4 also provides an additional homestead exemption for new homebuyers, for up to five years.

It likely will translate into lower revenue for local governments, which have had to enact bone-deep cuts to deal with revenue shortfalls. Still, for those who own property, or want to buy soon, it could lower their costs significantly. 

Amendment 4 is one of several constitutional amendments on this fall's ballot that aim to reduce taxes. Many are non-controversial (property tax breaks for widows of military veterans, etc.), but others are not as popular.

Moving forward, Taxpayers First could use its campaign to lobby in favor of a Constitutional Amendment aimed at providing businesses a tax break on tangible personal property and equipment. 

For Amendment 4, the group has created  a robust social media campaign, with a website, Facebook page, Twitter handle and hi-res Youtube channel.

Here's the video:





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Too bad reporters don't get the Politifact treatment. This reporter stating as fact that the local governments "have had to enact bone-deep cuts to deal with revenue shortfalls."

The writer either needs to be a columnist, or use the same standards that the papers hold everyone else too. Terrible coverage.

Junk Mail

Who's going to pay for infrastructure with a tax cut? Why bring Norquist's insanity to the local level?


The group that is pushIng this is big corporations. The true value of amendment 4 is the "cap on non-homestead properties" or investment properties. The rich are paying for this to get richer. They never mention the rich tax beak.... Bunch of thieves.....


I lived in California when the Proposition 13 was being debated. Politicians use to say that if it passed the schools and infracstructure would crumble because real estate taxes were the main income of the local governments. The people did not believe the politicians and passed. More than 35 yrs. later the schools are fine the state is broke because the tax money keeps coming but the politicians spend more than they collect rewarding the unions and cronies.

Mr. S

I also was in California before, during and after Prop 13. From the perception of many many, Prop 13 was bad. Sure it lowered SOME people's property tax for a short time. In the long run not so much. Schools fine? They're not. Check it out. Unions? You're way off on that. BTW- How do property taxes benefit unions? Also, they're almost non-existent anyway. Some of California's woes can be attributed to the ridiculous system of voter mandates. Unfunded mandates. Everyone want tons of government services- for free. Taxes are not necessarily bad. Not all government is bad. Cronies- I agree. Big business cronies.


Vote "NO" this is a scam which only benefits the BIG CORPORATIONS. It you noticed you don't know or they don't tell you, who's behind this endowment, it's clearly big money and not the community. Get the word out, don't be suckered, vote NO.

Danny Martin

About 70% of the property tax in Florida where I live goes to schools. We had a huge cut in spending the last 2 years with all of the forclosures (can't collect taxes on un-owned peoperty). If this passes you will see the biggest reduction in school pay and resources the country has ever seen....

John Farrell

Greedy, greedy people. Homestead exemption passed the burden of property taxes to more recent home buyers for years, regardless of their prior homes being in Florida or not. Longer term home owners paid lower property taxes because the taxable value of their home was kept far below the actual taxable value as the actual values rose. Now with property values falling, more recent buyers are getting a break as there taxable values are falling, whereas longer established owners taxable values are still below the actual taxable value and therefore still rising a small amount each year. In other words, the drop in property values is actually making what property owners are paying in property tax more equally distributed, and therefore fairer. I guess you still want to pay less at the expense of your neighbor paying more. Greedy greedy people.

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