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Temple Israel cancels Wasserman Schultz speech

Miami's Temple Israel yanked a program featuring Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz after a high-profile Republican donor quit the congregation in protest of the Democratic congresswoman's involvement.

Stanley Tate, a well-known philanthropist who started Florida's pre-paid college tuition program, resigned from the temple in protest after he learned Wasserman Schultz would be talking about Israel Friday night and he wouldn't get a chance at rebuttal.

Both are highly political people. As chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Wasserman Schultz is one of President Barack Obama's top mouthpieces. Tate is a co-chair of Mitt Romney's campaign in Miami-Dade County, and also has a national role in the GOP presidential candidate's campaign.  

Tate's resignation, first reported by the Shark Tank blog, came after he asked the temple's leadership to let him speak in response to Wasserman Schultz. When they wouldn't do so, Tate said he would leave the congregation.

"She's the chairperson of the Democratic National Committee," he said. "The topic is U.S.-Israel relationship. There cannot be any conversation on that topic, none,  unless it has to do with the politics."

It's not unusual for Florida politicians -- or any political figures -- to speak at religious institutions, and Wasserman Schultz's office said she is regularly invited to do so. The temple is just outside her congressional district, which straddles Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

The temple's president, Ben Kuehne, said that while they "certainly embrace the congresswoman's willingness to participate in one of our programs," the board decided "it's unwise to proceed with the program tomorrow."


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The True American

Good going Stanley Tate. The jewish people have got to open their eyes WIDE. This president and Wasserman-Schultz are not standing with Israel. Obama if you let him in for another term is going to be our HILTER. He is almost there with all of his executive orders that he has passed in the dark of night behind our backs. He has to go and so does Wasserman-Schultz.


Ha Ha Ha!
Debbie....You're FIRED!
Even you're own tribe doesn't trust you!


Thankfully we have people like Stanley Tate, who do recognize that the Obama administration, while they throw $$$ at Israel, has done much to undermine Israel on the world stage. Yes Obama did speak at the UN in favor of Israel and did agree to veto pa statehood... For those acts I am grateful. However, he also enabled pa refusal to negotiate when he transformed the 1967 green lines into Borders, created an impossible situation with regard to negotiations hinging on construction. This administration ignores the history of the region by perpetuating the myth that Israel is an occupying force. They ignore the fact that it is the Jews who are the indigenous people of all of Israel including Judea and Samaria with a presence in the area for over 3000 years, with both physical as well as biblical evidence to support that fact. They ignore the fact that Jordan was to be the home for arabs of "palestine" which was Israel before the Romans conquered the Jews and renamed Israel "palestine", and that Israel which includes Judea, Samaria and ALL of Jerusalem... The Undivided Capital of Israel. They ignore the fact that but for the attack on Israel in 1948, none of the arabs of Israel would have fled and become "refugees". They ignore th fact that the arab nations, collectively, displaced over 700,000 Jews from their lands to Israel at approximately the same time. They ignore the fact that from 1948 when Jordan occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem until the brave Paratroopers of Israel's Tzanhanim liberated The Old City in 1967 the city was left in disrepair and no one of any faith but islam was permitted to it's holy sites. This administration ignores the fact that Israel has made overtures and trades of land for peace, and the arabs answer each and every time with more demands and more murderous violence. This administration ignores the fact that the pa leadership particularly mahmoud abbas, the financier and mastermind of the Olympic Massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich has declared that not one single Jew will live in a "palestinian country". They ignore the fact that should an arab be found "guilty" of selling land to a Jew, he is to be executed for having done so. Yet this administration continues to demand Israel make yet further "painful concessions" for "peace" with these arab interlopers. This administration has consistently leaked details about Israel security to arab nations. Equipped turkey whose leader erdogan is Obama's "best friend in the Middle East", with radar and military equipment that will put Israel at a disadvantage. He has supplied the most modern and sophisticated aircraft to arab nations, eroding Israel's military edge in the region. he did not stand up for Israel when they were excluded from the NATO conference held in Chicago this month. Bottom line, this POTUS and his administration have demonstrated a propensity to embrace the worst and most violent governments in the world, most of whom are in a state of constant declared war with Israel. Given another term, this administration's ill conceived foreign policy will permit a nuclear iran, and place not only Israel, but the entire world's safety in perilous jeopardy at the hands of the craziest regimes, all radical islamists.


BWAHAHAHA how does it feel???? So often Conservative voices are squelched because of Progressive/Socialist dissent and boycotting. This traitorous parasite should be kept out of every decent place in the country.

west coast guy

Why don't the people whose primary allegiance is to Israel move there instead of trying to twist the policies of this country to reflect loyalty to Israel?


I think it's sad that partisanship has gotten in the way of discussing a subject that these two obviously both care about passionately.


Why would any house of worship allow a political hack like Wasserman address its congregation. Obama is going lose the Jewish vote big time in Florida. It's apparent he is gasping for air in Florida. However, Jews see him for what he is -- a closet Muslim who has deep rooted disdain for the Jewish people. Just ask Reverend Wright, his spiritual advisor.


This is really shocking. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is my member of Congress, a strong leader and brilliant. I have arranged talks before Jewish groups by both Dante Fascell (Democrat, of blessed memory) and by Ileana Ros Lehtinen (Republican) in the past and no one demanded equal time. This was not in the context of an election debate. She is our elected official. Stanley Tate is also brilliant, a savvy businessman and has done important work in promoting the financing of higher education. As an elder, he is due our respect. But his actions on this matter do not reflect well on him. This seems to be all of a piece with the increasing rancor between left and right in this country.


To West Coast Guy... So let me get this straight. I voted for, and was, quite frankly duped by, Obama's lying campaign rhetoric. The fact that I find fault in him for all of the things I mentioned in my note is offensive to you. Because I believe that Israel is our closest and only (historically) reliable ally in the Mid East and I believe Israel's interests are in fact our, American, interests is a problem for you. Can you honestly, with any sense of impartiality say that the islamic nations offer us dependable alliances? Really? Which one(s)? Show me one that has not shouted hate filled anti American rhetoric from the populace as well as their governments. Because I am a Zionist Jewish American who considers our foreign policy to be an integral responsibility of the President and his actions have enormous impact on the security of OUR United States of America, and speak up about the failures of this incumbent in an election year, YOU would judge me somehow un-American and suggest I leave. You have no idea of my allegiances... You have no way of knowing that I enlisted in and served our Armed Forces. I pay taxes. I ask for nothing but opportunity and when I fail, I don't ask for anything but the freedom to get up, brush myself off and start again. My guess is you are one who never served this country, who demands "what is fair" and resents the successes of others. Shame on you for daring to say I, or anyone else has no right to our opinion... in AMERICA! I suggest YOU are un-American for trying to stifle legitimate dissent. Based on your post, I can only hope you are not in a position to set an example for the young people of this great country.

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