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The Trayvon transcripts: Witness describes Zimmerman's attitude: "‘Just tell my wife I shot somebody.’ Like it was nothing.”

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent interviewed one of the first people to witness George Zimmerman after he shot Trayvon Martin. A partial transcript of the interview with the witness. He at home Feb. 26, fixing a coffee table in his front room when he and his wife heard the scuffle.

“We heard voices outside,” he said. “At first it sounded like dogs.”

Moments later, when he told his wife to get away from the window, they heard what he called “either a loud grunt -- it sounded like a gunshot, too.”

He came outside with his cellphone and flashlight, which he shined on Zimmerman. He said it had sounded as if Zimmerman were on the phone.

I think he was on the phone because it sounded like he was on the phone….

“Why don’t you call 911?” the man says he asked Zimmerman.

“No, I just got off the phone with them,” Zimmeran reportedly told him. “Am I bleeding?”

The man looked and saw Zimmerman had blood on his face: “Yeah, you’re bleeding.”

Zimmerman squatted down and, the witness said, he could see “blood on the back of his head, grass stains. And by that time I flashed my light down. And there was this kid face down in the grass. By that time, the police showed up. And one officer went ahead and handcuffed him.”

“Can you please call my wife,” Zimmerman reportedly asked him. “Let her know what happened.”

The witness complied, called Mrs. Zimmerman and said: “Your husband’s been involved in a shooting. And he’s going to be held for questioning. He’s been handcuffed.

Zimmerman apparently chimed in.

“Just tell her I shot somebody,” the witness said Zimmerman told him.

“Ok, well,” the man said to Mrs. Zimmerman, “he just shot someone.”

More police showed up and paramedics by that time.

“There was nothing they could do for the kid,’ the witness said.

What was Zimmerman’s demeanor like?

“He was more like having a hard time,” the man said. “It looked like he had just gotten his butt whooped. Not shocked…. But basically getting up from a fight and, like, ‘yeah, I just got in a fight and I had to do this.’

He asked you to call his wife, an agent said. And he made this statement: Just tell her I shot somebody. How would you describe his voice?

Witness: “Just quick get-to-the-point-type talk… Almost like, he just did it. Not like he was in shock. Not like: ‘I can’t believe I just shot somebody.’ It was more like: ‘Just tell my wife I shot somebody.’ Like it was nothing.”

On the night of the shooting, the Sanford Police Department only interviewed the witness for two minutes. His recollection is here:

Zimmerman: "Man, I got blood on my face?"

Witness: "Yeah, you got blood all over, man. I looked over and he’s got blood on the back of his head. You alright man?"

Zimmerman: "Ah, man this guy he was beating up on me so I had to shoot him."

Witness: "Did you use a 9 or a 40?"

Zimmerman: "I used a 9."

Witness: "Did you call 911, yet?"

Zimmerman: "No, I already called. Can you just call my wife?"