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Three way GOP FL Senate primary? Rep. Glorioso says he's "strongly considering" a bid

Florida Rep. Rich Glorioso of Plant City is strongly tempted to stop running for Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections and instead enter the race to replace Sen. Ronda Storms, who's leaving to challenge a porn-vexed property appraiser.

"I'm looking at it pretty seriously. It's last minute. But I've wanted to serve in the Senate," Glorioso said. "Ronda had two more years in her term.  And I was running for Supervisor of Elections because Ronda had the seat locked down. But now that the seat's come open. I have the experience, I've chaired approprations committees for the past four years."

Glorioso said he'll decide by Tuesday or Wednesday. He better move quickly. Rep. Rachel Burgin and former Sen. Pres. Tom Lee have announced they'll run. The seat could cost up to $1 millon to win.

Freshmen Rep. Shawn Harrison may run as well, making for quite a Republican Senate primary this Aug. 14.


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If the Colonel runs, it's his seat.

Johnny Hothead

I agree, Prognosticator. Burgin doesn't have the experience, nor the gravitas. Lee on the other hand doesn't know how to stay away from the trough. As badly as he abused the lobbying community and their clients, they'll not give him a penny. And, when his almost $14,000 trip to the back room at Scores in NYC is wholly exposed, he'll be shown for what he is.....a despicable, pathetic P.O.S. who says one thing and does another. The ONLY serious, viable candidate is an Air Force vet who spent almost 30 years defending our nation, Rich Glorioso.

harry houdini

Johnny, you are correct. Lee is a POS. His arrogant, pathetic "stare" gives a person a clue as to his real personality. Hope the Colonel kicks his ass!


If Lee were to come back to the Senate, how many of his pretty, young things will someone have to find jobs for in the state bureaucracy this time?


Florida voters are much different than they were 2006. It's not just about how much money you have anymore.

It's about who people are, their character and passion for future of the people of this state, credible policy issues that don't pop up out of nowhere because someone made a large contribution to the party. It's about who really wants to work to make all of Florida better, not to better themselves, their financial status or their family name. And these radical fringe extreme members of the Legislature that waste time during the session talking about issues that only affect their few radical fringe supporters. Enough is enough. People are much more involved and award and recognize real and dedicated public servants. No contest here if the Colonel jumps in. Let's hope he does.

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