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World War II vet in Broward on list of potential "noncitizen" voters

Bill Internicola has lived in the United States 91 years and fought for his country in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, but according to the state of Florida he may not be a citizen.

Internicola received a letter in May from the Broward Supervisor of Elections stating that it received "information from the State of Florida that you are not a United States citizen; however you are registered to vote."

"I went crazy," Internicola said today in an interview near his Davie home. "I couldn't believe it. I called [the Supervisor of Elections office] and said what are you crazy? I've been voting since I was 18 years old."

Internicola shared his story today at a press conference with two Democratic members of Congress who represent portions of Broward: Ted Deutch and Alcee Hastings.

Internicola sent Broward a copy of his Army discharge papers. He is one of six voters on the list who have provided paperwork to prove they are citizens, said Mary Cooney, a spokeswoman for the supervisor.

Broward was following the direction of the state Division of Elections after it forwarded the names of more than 2,600 registered voters to check for their citizenship status. Miami-Dade had the largest contingent while Broward had about 259. Voters have 30 days from the date they receive the letter to provide proof of citizenship or they will be removed from the rolls.

Deutch called the state-led effort a "great injustice".

"Bill Internicola is the face of Gov. Scott's request to purge our voter rolls," he said.

Hastings said the state was engaging in "voter suppression" and by not sending a pre-stamped envelope to these voters to mail back their proof of citizenship the state was using a "back-door poll tax."

In an interview, Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said she is complying with the state's direction but does not believe that the bulk of the voters who have yet to respond to her letter are non-citizens. She called for the state to stop the process and vet the list more carefully. 





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JP Knight

The Herald cannot find ONE person on the list who is a non-citizen? Every single person on the list is a citizen!!! That's a 100% error rate. What are the odds?



But I do find it amusing how easy it is to veryify that these folks are eligible... heck, from all the complaining from the local supervisors, you would have thought the task to be impossible.


Brenda - it is your job to do this... just do it and be done...

We know that there or obstacles in utilizing new forms of information to do your job, but there is obviously a problem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaUsT9ML​MlA

Instead of calling for others to do more, where are your suggestions in reviewing names for ineligible voters - so MY eligible vote is not diluted?

Alan S

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It's a good thing this old veteran is still with us.
And it's even better that some illegal alien hasn't assumed his former identity and proceeded to vote as if he were the old veteran. Unfortunately, we live in a world where such nefarious behavior can be done.


I wonder what Gov. Dick's witch hunts are costing us. He couldn't find enough welfare recipients on dope to brag about (must have been a very small number), so now he's after illegal voters. Florida is a punchline.

Renee Madera

This is unheard of.

anita percudani

This man who is our " GOV" is the most incompetent person and should be recalled.

James Pritchard

The problem is that we elected him and his nefarious ways. We have no one to blame except ourselves and remember we elected our Congressional "Yes" men also. We have done it to ourselves and, get over it, we deserve it!!!

Stephen Davidson

I wonder how many of the suspected "non-citizens" are registered Democrats...just curious. :)

Patricia Burney

Well, I didn't damn well vote for him, or his cronies. but I will say that now the mistake has been understood we need to institute a law that allows Florida to recall these mistakes. I have signed a petition to put said pettion on the ballot for a vote but I haven't heard where that has gone yet.

Joe Nemeth

This is UNBELIEVABLE, so as a Viet Nam vet this is what I have to look forward to?

Allen Mergaman

The Governer is a Crook.He stole Billions of our Dollars in his Medicare fraud sceme.He bought his way out of JAIL and Then he BOUGHT the Governers Mansion.We need to get rid of these TEA Party Crackheads.They are doing the Bidding for the Global Corporations like the KOCH Brothers.They want to destroy the Government so they can take Total control of the State and the Country.Now with the voter Supression Crap.I spent years trying to make sure we had Paper Balots and have fair elections.Now it is time for all the people to wake up and Vote against these radical extreme right.They are trying to undoe all the good.

j. Dove

Will someone please tell me what is being done about this mess?Is there any legal action taking place? At this point, how many legal voters have been removed from the rolls?

Joy Keller

We lived in Florida in the 80's and just recently returned to find this mess trying to legalize voter disenfranchisement. Friends of ours say that no one seems to know how the current governor got elected but it's apparent that there are things happening that most people in the state are not privy to until it's oh, I don't know, almost too late?
If we're going to do something about this it has to be now. I understand that Federal law prohibits any changes in election law this close to an election. Sounds like we need to get AG Eric Holder down here to set the Gov right...and right NOW! Calling the new law a protection against voter fraud is the same as saying we need a new law to protect us from pollution. It's voter disenfranchisement that they are interested in accomplishing. And with the voter purge, they will not only accomplish it but insure a win for any Republican running for any office. Don't write your Congressman or Senator--WRITE the Attorney General and do it yesterday!

Joy Keller

Just a short PS to my last post...you all do realize that more than 4000 voters were purged before the 2000 election...don't you? They did it and and Katherine Harris got away with an "oops".


Purging voters and suppressing voting rights is the only way Republicans can win elections.
And now the rightwing corporatist Supremes are allowing billionaires to BUY elections!!
My family is spread out all over Florida and ALL of us are voting a straight Democratic ticket - first time ever!


Another scheme by our crooked governor

G, Beale

Tell me, in 2010, when the corporate nazis and their bigotea party vassals installed this vampire into the governorship, did any of you bother to vote? So calm down, be good little hatemongers, and vote a straight republicon ticket so that you can stand with the cross burners and old fossils who dominate Central and Northern Florida.

Sandra Lachs

Some one at the national level needs to call him on it. like Holder - before the election. He's probably 'purging' Democrats.

Allison Patton

Let it be know that the law firm of Greenburg and Truig Miami, Florida are going to me helping to insure voter's fraud again in Florida, like they did with Bush. Strange for a supposed Democratic Law Firm.

Earline Smiley

This is a disgrace to America. Do the politicians realize the taxpayers are the one who pay their salary and do they think we are willing go backwards?


seems like this didn't matter when Bush beat Gore even though the vote recount took place in florida of which his brother was governor,very suspicious.This time the gop is worried, after 8 years of bush, who wouldn't 911,iraq war, housing crisis, wall street colapse, big bank failure,now they are trying to eliminate people from voting are they afraid of something??

David Keeney

This is a wake-up call, I'm glad this happened. All Democrats in battleground states better check their voting status ASAP, as they will be disenfranchised by Republican officials at every opportunity. If you have a Latin last name, or live in a largely Democratic precinct, you may be blocked from voting on Election Day. You'll get an apology after the election is over.

If Florida votes had been counted correctly, and the confusing "Butterfly Ballot" fixed, we WOULD have been spared the scourge of Pres. Bush. How many thousands of Americans might still be alive? We'll never know.


The state and federal governments are becoming more and more intrusive. My feeling is that it is a deliberate attempt to deny citizens their rights and to deny them entitlements by deliberately harassing them to the point of complete frustration. One should make sure that one saves paperwork and correspondence from state and federal governments because more and more they are getting downright nasty, ignorant and stupid about documentation. Of course, the government will deny everything.

Kathy DeLong

Day after day our crooked Gov tries to figure out how to screw us. He is not stupid he knows what he's doing,we were the stupid ones for electing such a thief.


A monumental scewe up because of a stupid law and beauracraric jackasses

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