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100-year future for South Florida, forecasters say: a chain of islands

The subject of global warming has become so politically unpalatable over the last few years that neither party mentions it much anymore.

A conference on climate change sponsored by Florida Atlantic University made it clear that ignoring the threat has done nothing to slow it down — particularly in South Florida, which has more people and property at risk by rising sea levels than any place in the country.

The two-day summit in Boca Raton, which wrapped up Friday, painted a bleak and water-logged picture for much of coastal Florida.

Under current projections, the Atlantic Ocean would swallow much of the Florida Keys in 100 years. Miami-Dade, in turn, would eventually replace them as a chain of islands on the highest parts of the coastal limestone ridge, bordered by the ocean on one side and an Everglades turned into a salt water bay on the other. Story by Curtis Morgan here.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/06/22/2864586/rising-seas-mean-shrinking-south.html#storylink=cpy


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And this will simply be the Earth Mother's way of smacking back the multitudes of humans who have over-congregated in major coastal cities in South Florida and around the world.

Those swarms of people have flocked to such cities and overloaded the environment in those areas. So She has decided it's time for a cleansing. That's why the waters will rise.

And yet, most enviros somehow can't see that as a good and natural thing!

It's easier to fight city hall and the federal government than to fight the Earth Mother.

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