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Ana Navarro, CNN pundit

Look who's gone all big-timey, Ana Navarro, now a Republican pundit for CNN. She was on Anderson Cooper's show last night talking immigration

And here she is in Gut Check:

“Latinos have been disillusioned with President Obama’s broken immigration promises. Though this doesn't come close to his vow to accomplish comprehensive immigration reform in his first year, it will be received with enthusiasm and celebration by most Latinos."
"Republicans should tread carefully and use a measured tone in responding to this announcement. The DREAM Act kids make a compelling story and have broad support among Hispanics. Republicans should express sympathy for these young people and at the same time attack Obama for taking blatantly political action to help his re-election prospects. Republicans should also remind Latinos that Obama has a record of immigration promises un-kept and economic policies that's led to 11% Latino unemployment. But to position themselves against a group of young people who sound American, look American and feel American would be a mistake. The focus should be not on the kids, but on Obama's political motives and lack of leadership in not working with Congress on a real and permanent solution. The constitutional argument is a technical response to what is an emotional and political issue.”