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Ana Navarro, CNN pundit

Look who's gone all big-timey, Ana Navarro, now a Republican pundit for CNN. She was on Anderson Cooper's show last night talking immigration

And here she is in Gut Check:

“Latinos have been disillusioned with President Obama’s broken immigration promises. Though this doesn't come close to his vow to accomplish comprehensive immigration reform in his first year, it will be received with enthusiasm and celebration by most Latinos."
"Republicans should tread carefully and use a measured tone in responding to this announcement. The DREAM Act kids make a compelling story and have broad support among Hispanics. Republicans should express sympathy for these young people and at the same time attack Obama for taking blatantly political action to help his re-election prospects. Republicans should also remind Latinos that Obama has a record of immigration promises un-kept and economic policies that's led to 11% Latino unemployment. But to position themselves against a group of young people who sound American, look American and feel American would be a mistake. The focus should be not on the kids, but on Obama's political motives and lack of leadership in not working with Congress on a real and permanent solution. The constitutional argument is a technical response to what is an emotional and political issue.”


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Navarros failed to realize that Rubio only represets the Cuban American in Floridaa and New York. The majority of Hispanics in the U.S are from Mexico, central and south america and they do not identify with rubio at all. If the republicans were pro immigration they would hava passed an immigration reform when Bush son was in office. Most Cubans and Puerto ricans are republicans and again they only represent a samall porcentage of the US Hispanic population.


Pedro you are on the money with your last comment. It is the Mexicans that make up the vast majority of immigrants. This is very significant. Rubio being a Cuban Latino is different from being Mexican. Why? Think about it, Cuba is communist and it has always been the policy of the USA to support anyone coming from a communist regime. When Cubans come to America illegaly, all they have to do is report to the government and ask for political asyllum which is then granted. Mexicans dont have that luxury, when they show up illegally, they are detaind and deported. You must warn Mexicans not to vote for Repubs because their loved ones will never be given a chance at US citizenship. Repubs know that Mexicans will vote for them because frankly a lot of them do not like black people and hate Obama. They will used that to their advantage. When the smoke clears, Repubs STILL wont offer Mexicans a comprehensive immigration reform. You better stick to Obama and the "Dream Act" because he provides the best chance for Illegal Mexicans.


If I have to see Ana Navarro on CNN over and over again, I refuse to watch CNN. I have CNN on all day but since she has been on, I switch! It's not because she's Republican. It's because she seems full of herself and arrogant! Her voice is irritating! I just don't like to see her on my TV!! I don't think she is that informed either!


Don't make me use the name Ana Navarro as a verb....you won't like it CNN. Get her off the air.

Sara Siddiqui

I am not disappointed about President Obama. I am disappointed, and actually angry with the republican congress, that prefers to hurt the country before allowing the president to enact bills that will help the country. Their hatred for the president is bigger than their love for the country. Shame on them

Maria B

Why is CNN still using Ana Navarro as a political advisor? Shs isn't very competent and doesn't bring anything to the table in defense of the Republican party, it just doesn't make interesting TV at all. This morning, Donna Brazil just left her in the dust. Sad, sad, sad.

Ralph Moreno

I believe Cuban exailes in Florida represent the old Batista elite. They hated JFK because he would not go to war to over-throw Castro. People in Mexico and Central and South America respect Fidal and revere Che. I believe the only rerason we still boycot Cuba is because of the Florida Cuban political money.

Julio Perez

Hey Ralph, Navarro is from Nicaragua... NS!


Ana Navarro is like that Cornel guy with the horrible gray afro who is occasionally on Anderson 360. He stutters, misses his marks, and never gets to his point. Ana Navarro is the Republican version of him, only with a shrill, annoying voice who is just there to promote herself. She barely knows what she's talking about, and sounds more like she got her political knowledge at a nail salon than an accredited university.

Alexander Bowen

My God I am Hispanic never hear so much idiocy from a Hispanic. Ana Navarro is a traitor to our cause


I am so sick of hearing this woman on CNN, with her uninformed one sided opinion. All she does is make excuses for the Republican party, when at the end of the day if Romney and Ryan get into office the poor and middle class will wind up paying more, and Romney will still pay a lower tax rate and get richer, so he'll be able to open more account shelters overseas and not have to declare his true wealth and pay his fair share.


Ana Navarro; are there ANY redeeming qualities???? I am Not a fan!!!!


WOW! Reperbs really hit the jackpot of morons when they chose her to speak! Were she awake the last four years when reperbs were mad at our president for not being strict on the borders? Someone needs to tell ANA NAVARRO, REPERBS IS USING HER FOR VOTES! If reperbs had it their way they would ship every latina back across the borders and shoot them if they try to cross back into the USA! Reperbs is always complaining about latinos taking Americans jobs. How can she pretend to be one of them. This is another case of the oppressed is oppressing her own people!


I just heard Navarro complain that the president should be the comforter in chief for at least 2 days instead of campaigning. EXCUSE ME. She probably is not aware that Obama has been multitasking since he set foot in the oval office unlike his predecesor who took truckloads of vacations and golf and hunting breaks and could not handle more than one task at a time and then acted as a benefactor to the big interests. Yes, he can handle overseeing the Isaac operations taken place as we speak while campaigning, and he can now once again prove to us that he did the right thing when reconstructing the Gulf's infrastructure. all is in place now unlike her out of touch GOP comrades. She may be hispanic, but she seems to represent the Cuban community only, Cubans do not, will not ever represent hispanics in the USA, they represent their cause alone plus the benefits (which are more than a regular citizen receives) of the CUBAN AMERICAN decades long policies.


RE: Ana Navarro

I don't understand why she said: It says a lot about how Clinton is perceived and how Joe Biden is perceived, that the former president got a night as the headliner all to his own while the sitting vice president did not.

Isn't it better that Obama was introduced by his predecessor than by Clint Eastwood? That's the best the RNC could do? Clearly they don't want Romney introduced by HIS predecessor!!!!!!!


90% of puerto ricans are democrats and are pro immigrants and pro Cuba, example rep. Gutierrez.

Patricia Ann

She is suspose to be a reporter/analyst-I find her to be very incompetent. Who did she sleep with to get that job? Her knowledge of any political issue is zero-and it shows daily. GET HER OFF SOON AS HER CONTRACT EXPIRES.

She never tells the truth. Donna Brazille made her look like a "Big Fool" when she was asked if President Obama shold stop campaiging because of the hurricane. Now, she said, the Repubs should continue with their convention. Why would President Obama fly into a hurricane? She is a Fool!! Donna Brazzille made her look like a "real fool" when she gave her reason why the President should continue campaiging.

Ana Quit, Stop embarrassing YOURSELF AND CNN.



Who is Ana Navarro, other than a big mouthed token latino in the republican party?

juan lleonart

I hope u can spread ur legs and get ur transvaginal probe.


I have read all the comments about Ana Navarro and I wish her the best as a human, but I do not understand her political views about our Country. I understand that came from Nicaragua and grew up in Miami. She is not a typical Cuban than they blame President Kennedy for not intervene during the Bay of Pigs. Cuban should be appreciate that they were welcome to a free Country with all the benefits that other refugees do not have.
Do not forget that was Prsident Jimmy Carter who the doors to the majority of Cuban exiles to come to America. Hello, Regan promise to free Cuba and he uses you all.

ricardo ebron

I've just watched Ana on CNN and I cannot believe how low thge standards for commentators has dropped. She should find another line of work where her incompetence and lack of awareness is not so blantantly forced on veiwers.


Joseph Tormos

I do not see exactly what it is anna brings to the table as an analyst. She just sounds like an attack dog for the GOP. Also I agree that the GOP has been using the cubans for their votes and will NEVER free Cuba from Fidel. Why should they? They've got a sure thing in their vote and Florida is a very important state to have in an election. Cubans should wake up and realize that they are stuck here and start to act as citizens of the USA and NOT as temporary guests here.
Joe Boricua of USA

Joseph Tormos

By the way, RUBIO is another matter, he's sold his soul to the GOP for money and is foolish enough to think his beloved party is really going to do something for Cuba. But at least he's not a comuter from Havana like most of Miami. When are they going to wake up to it? It's been what? 50 years? 52 years? GET OVER IT! BE REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS and join the middle class vote.

Mari Perla

I agree with Mr. Ebron. Ana Navarro is incompetent, and I will switch channels rather than watch her on CNN. Get her off the air, please.

I am an older Latina and I consider Mr. Obama the only choice to move America forward.

michael warren

She's the worst..everyone hit the nail on the head..why CNN hired her is beyond me. Horrible!

E. Dulaney

Ana Navarro is one of the best pundits on TV and I don't even agree with her politics! But she's reasonable and not full of vitriol. She's a republican who I can actually listen to.

andrew herns jr

Ana Navarro made below the belt insults about the Vice President. She is a cruel person. Fire her

Gordon L.

Cubans in this country have positioned themselves as the voice of U.S. Hispanics when in fact they represent less than 1 % of the total Latino population. They have been the most coddled group of Latino immigrants this country has ever seen by the Federal government and our tax dollars.. The sad thing is that the media overall have bought into this disingenous and arrogant move by people like Ana Navarro and Rubio. Its time that CNN and other news media get representaion on a consistent basis from Latinos (Mexican-Americans) from the Southwest and West. Representation, especially from those with Chicano roots that have existed deep in this country for 500 years and who experienced the full brunt of Jim Crow discrimination prior to the 1960s and 1970s. Newcomer Latinos to this country are totally unaware what we had to go through to sustain our culture and language inculculated in the almost genocidal pressure to eliminate it by anglo-saxons in this country. Navarro represents the epitomy in ignorance of those facts by aligning herself with racist throwbacks to that bygone era in the Republican party. Shame on her!

GL in Houston

Zestie B.

Really? There are dems out there that believe in propaganda against repubs? Dems should go on the internet to mittromney.com and READ his position. Instead of believing the garbage propaganda and then stating it publicly here. Romney's positions have been there for years and have never changed. He wants to LOWER middle class tax and keep tax as it is now for higher income. Get your facts correct before making a fools out of yourselfs publicly.


I,m a republican, Ana Navarro should be get off the air period. she has not been helping our cause with her irritating voice. please replace her as soon as possible. Thanks


awful just awful i think a grade 2 from canada would have more american political knowledge than this fat tub of lard with such a shrill irritating voice. why is cnn even on the air...terrible

Nubia Gonzalez

You people are cruel, with this lady,and know nothing about politics, Navarro came from a country like Cuba, that was devastated por the politics of Washington. We know that the policy of presidente Obama are taking this great country to the disaster in the future,.The national debt is gigantic, his moral issueis taking us to the end, always in history every imperio start to decline , whe the governe is immoral, passing law like same-sex marriage, abortion, and besides the president his policy to the middle east is so weak, his hesitating support to the only trusty Allie which is Israel.We the Hispanic are so diversity, and that mean you. Have to respect the Cuban, Nicaraguans, Venezuelan , that come to this country for freedom, .Mexicans, and other nationalities came for different reason and they deserve the respect. Too. No every Mexican are drugs dealer, right? The are hard worker people.

ricardo ebron

Ana opens her mouth and proves herself an idiot everytime. I wish she would just disappear from the pulitical commentary circuit forever.


Let's start a petition to get Ana OFF THE AIR. Seriously CNN? What were you thinking? She barely makes any solid points and there simply is no room for her on the table with the 'big boys(girls)'


To my Latino friends, I know how embarrassing it must be for you to watch Anna make a fool of herself. But she so blatantly illustrates what a disaster Romney would be. So that is a good thing. No? She is a harmless, misinformed, misguided Latina who should be pitied. Hopefully she will learn the real score from being around intelligent Dems. If she survives as a pundit I have the feeling she will be working for the other side next time.

Rene estrada

Ana, I am a strong Democrat but you have earned my respect and admiration. You are an articulate, honorable person who states her Republican position even handedly. You tell it like it is and you don't stoop to ignorant, juvenile dispersions, like some do. I'm proud of the way you handle yourself. You represent the best of the Latino Nation in America. You go girl!

Amanda Louiz

She is just awful... I'm Latino and have voted both Democrat and Republican. She... just doesn't seem very smart. I'm ashamed and embarrassed all at the same time! Fire her. Immediately. She is unbearable to watch after Obama's re-election.

Martha Quiroga

Ana, do yourself ( and America) a favor and find another line of work. Hopefully employment where no one has to listen to you speak. You are an embarrasment to all women, hispanic pr not. At least get your facts straight (and that AWFUL voice) fixed before you spin your mis information to the rest of America.

Loiuse Richards

It is unbearable how she constantly interrupts and tries to talk over in her annoying voice and horrible diction. It is beyond me why she is on the air.


I believe Ana Navarro is an idiot. She speaks as if she is so sure that the Latino community sees the world as she does, and she is so biased againset Obama. Please get her off the air and get a reasonable pundit to speak. I'm not a Latino, but I'm embarrassed every time I hear her speak. Guess what Ana, you were quite wrong.....weren't you?


You people have GOT to be kidding me! I am a far-left-of-center democratic populist, and I LOVE Ana Navarro. She should have her own sitcom. I only googled to this site to find out where on earth CNN found her. I could have sworn the first time she appeared she was described as a McCain Hispanic vote organizer from Utah. UTAH??

Luis chacon

Please get Anna Navarro of cnn, her voice alone is annoying, she has no clue,as a Hispanic American, Iam absolutely ashamed, she should be concentrating on her own people, cnn get real she makes no sense!!!!! Your going to loose alot of fan base with her in your news room!!!

Megan Williams

I watched CNN and I was like who is this person! Her voice is sooo annoying and she doesn't seem that smart. How embarrassing for CNN...she doesn't seem bright or sharp to be a pundit. I turn each time I see her on.


Most people here say that the Mexicans are by far the largest group of immigrants to the US but in reality the Anglos are the largest group of immigrants for Mexicans were here before any of the other immigrants. Mexicans are the strangers in their own land. Mexicans developed the land for the other immigrants who stole the land from them. And yes it was stolen for Santa Ana sold it when a prisoner of war. Also Santa Ana was from Spain and not from Mexico so he too was a thief. I do not feel that anyone should be given refuge in the US unless everyone is given the same privilege. Cubans love Cuba and money that is why they are republicans. They like the anglos are of greedy nature. I don't care if their country is communist no one should be given refuge if it is not given to everyone else. Why should there be special rules for certain people. All people deserve the American dream besides the US belong to the Mexicans before it did to anyone else for the are the descendants of the Spaniards and the Native Americans.

She's a self promoter and has no strong core values. She will say anything that gets her applause or fulfills her job as a latino conservative token mouthpiece.

She's a self promoter and has no strong core values. She will say anything that gets her applause or fulfills her job as a latino conservative token mouthpiece.

Stay Chism

Well, I happen to love Anna Navarro and her straight forward no holds barred views. I think she deserves her own segment on CNN. Politics yern for an intelligent Latinas point of view and it would be a travesty not to see her defend republican opinion to the American audience.


Graciela Maestas

Why are Puerto Ricans part of this discussion??? They ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS!! Rubio DOES NOT represent the MAJORITY of Latinos. Cubans are POLITICAL refugees thus their passage to citizenship is NOTHING like other Latinos. Check the facts!

Moshe Calvo

Well, 47 opinions, almost all of them blame Ms.Navarro.
Few with political knowledge.
If the purpose of this angry, frustrated, jealous persons is to express ethnic frustration, political resentment and a personal hate for Ms. Navarro, a very successful Nicaraguan woman, they are using the wrong place and show a lack of respect for all of us, the American Citizens.

m carp

No wonder this country is is no so much trouble. You libs are a bunch of uninformed cretins who have drank the Kool-Aid was out having your facts or bothering to educate yourselves. You deserve Obama

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