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Attorney General Bondi confident Supreme Court will strike down 'Obamacare'

There was a chance that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Florida's challenge to health care reform would occur today, so all the cable news channels were focused on "Obamacare" coverage this morning.  We eventually learned that the ruling won't be released until Thursday, but we did get a chance to watch Attorney General Pam Bondi on FOX News talking about what she believes the High Court should do.

Bondi noted that the Supreme Court heard nearly six hours of testimony on the case, an unusal amount of time for oral arguments. The questions justices raised bode well for Florida and the 25 other states challenging health care reform, she said.

“The main questions that they asked made me feel very confident that they saw our point of view, that they took this very seriously and that they realized this would be the greatest over reach of federal power in our entire history if this act is upheld," the attorney general said.

When asked how the Supreme Court would rule -- whether it would uphold all, part or none of the "Obamacare" law -- Bondi predicted the states would come out on top.

"We're very confident that they're going to rule in our favor," she said.

The states are challenging the "individual mandate" in the law requiring adults to purchase insurance or pay a penalty. If the court strikes down the mandate, Bondi said, the rest of the law should be invalidated too. "If the mandate falls then the entire health care act falls."


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Danny Owens

This is really very sad---she didn't file the suit--Bill McCollum did. She didn't argue the case--she paid someone from OUTSIDE the office with taxpayer money to do it. Why didn't she argue the case? Because she has no experience in the federal courts. She's never argued a case before the Supreme Court so she has no clue what the questions were aimed at. An Empty suit who took the bar how many times? Really, really sad.

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