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Battleground Latino poll: Obama over Romney 53-37 in Florida.

Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 53-37 percent in Florida among Hispanic votes, according to a new poll from Latino Decisions (which produces great polls) and the liberal group America’s Voice. Error margin: 4.9%. Fifty percent said they were more enthusiastic about Obama since he announced he would ease deportations of young undocumented residents.

The 16-percentage point lead is where Obama needs to be, at least as measured by his win in Florida over John McCain in 2008, when Obama's Hispanic margin was 15 points.

The big question: Will Hispanic voters turn out in the same proportions as they did in 2008? If not, edge Romney. If so, edge Obama.

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The Republican racist and xenophobic stance on immigration guarantees that Democrats will win the Hispanic vote by large margins for generations to come.

SC Guy

"Latino Decisions (which produces great polls) and the liberal group America’s Voice."

I find those two statements to essentially contradict each other. I tend to not believe this poll because most Latino organization polls that I've seen have had an ax to grind and want to make the GOP look hopeless.

A Conservative Teacher

Obama has a very clever strategy for winning re-election- balkinize the people of the US, splitting us into fighting warring tribal groups, and then hoping that he can get just enough of them together to retain power and reward his allies and friends. It's almost a Kenyan or Indonesian approach to politics, and it might work- most nations of the world through all of time have been able to be exploited and controlled by devious and tyrannical rulers, and the US has been rare in that it has avoided the Obama-types throughout history.


A sample of 400 "registered" Latino voters in each state. Of those 38% did their survey in Spanish. Yeah. I am sure it is sooo reflective of the way the vote is going to go...

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