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Beach commissioner receives apology from prosecutors

After clearing two Miami Beach commissioners of allegations they broke Florida’s Sunshine Law before a vote to fire their city manager, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has apologized – to a different
Ed Griffith, a state attorney’s office spokesman, wrote an apology to Commissioner Ed Tobin Monday afternoon following a scathing email from the elected official, who said he’d been wrongly named as the complainant in a case against commissioners Deede Weithorn and Jonah Wolfson.
“Upon reviewing our recollections, we incorrectly believed that the information came from you,” Griffith wrote. “I have since learned, both through your communication and from far more detailed
conversations with others, that it did not.  For my error, I owe you my deepest apology.”
Tobin has called for investigations from the dais, and once told Wolfson he'd be lead out of City Hall in handcuffs. Last week, Police Chief Raymond Martinez said Tobin had wrongly accused him
of being implicated in an internal affairs probe.
Griffith did not clarify who actually filed the complaint in his letter to Tobin. He noted that the investigation “arose in somewhat of a confused manner.”


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Josef von Sonnenfels

The Mayor, Commissioners, Police Chiefs, City Attorneys and City Manager Jorge Gonzalez have used the police to harassment honest citizens, line their own pockets, and now everyone is blaming only one man, Jorge Gonzalez, when he was just the instrument of their corruption, like when Dermer and Bower got Gonzalez to harrass Graf Chodkiewicz years ago when he tried to blow the whistle on the Building Department scandal and illegal lobbying by Dermer and Bower's aide AC Weinstein and Kent Harrison Robbins.

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