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Challenges ahead for new Florida surgeon general Armstrong

TALLAHASSEE — The state's new surgeon general says he has no delusions about the tough job before him.

Dr. John Armstrong leads an agency in transition, some even say turmoil. The Department of Health is in the middle of a massive reorganization and downsizing, and some public health advocates have criticized the changes. A long list of top department officials have resigned or been forced out.

Armstrong, hired away from the University of South Florida, is the second surgeon general since Gov. Rick Scott took office 18 months ago.

It's his turn to figure out how to navigate the state's rocky political waters.

"I'm a realist, and so, candidly, there was really no secret that our Department of Health had been under a magnifying glass for the past two legislative sessions," the 49-year-old said. "And the way I think about it is that if you're under a magnifying glass on a hot Florida day, not only can people see your issues, you also can feel the heat."

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Can't take anymore

Dr Armstrong better keep his house in Tampa and just rent an apartment in Tallahassee. If he does not 100% tow the line issued by the Teabaggggers now running state government we will join the long list of others booted out for some political faux pax. It does not matter how good you are at your job or how hard you work, Scott's team demands total obedience.

James Thomsen

While not an attorney, I have been a expert witness, legal advisor/educator, and moved to Key West in 2003 after recovering from injuries sustained working at NYC WTC 9/11 terror attack because the warm moist air helps many of survivor's and workers to breath better through the 9/11 dust inhaled. In fact, 1/3 of the Ground Zero workers now live in Florida. Political corruption used two studies which few take the time to read as I have, to manufacture a fake "Pill Mill" crisis when the data shows only a 10% rise over then years which is the same rate of those who retire due to health problems. My longtime physician In Key West, Dr. Shapiro ( a excellent, and high quality doctor who in 20 years never had a complaint filed against him or accused of malpractice or substandard care. Dr. Anna Curran who worked at Truman Medical for two years and fired by Dr. Shapiro for failing to meet meeting medical standards, decided to strike by filing four complaints with the Florida Board of Medicine in secret and then build her own clinic a mere 200 feet from the back door of Truman Medical to steal his clients. Two of the four complaints were for poor handwriting and then for having a unlocked area for patient records which was where three clerical staff and a counter high jump was not a full wall and locking door - (yet in 20 years, there has never been a breech or problem with the records system) The third complaint was based on a tourist who was injured and when she returned to Maine, she killer herself not with any thing Shapiro prescribed but an illegal street batch of cocaine. Dr. Shapiro was not her doctor since the tourist lived in Maine. Yet a run amuck FL. General Counsel for DOH first went to the KW Citizen and provided false information, and quotes of the Florida Surgeon General, Frank Farmer, at a time when Dr. Farmer had turned in his resignation weeks before to tend to his wife's cancer. Not only did this General Counsel for the office of the Surgeon, commit fraud, but also perjury and deny Dr. Shapiro the ability to treat any kind of pain, even someone with a kidney stone or compound fracture. The Citizen is guilty of fraud and slander as they should have known by a simple Google search that Dr. Farmer was no longer a state employee. DOH General Counsel, then purged all doctors from the FL. DOH Board of Medicine or quality control and filled the spots with lawyers so the health care standards in Florida are now made by a secret vote after hiring a "secret outside doctor expert" Dr. Gotleib who had no board certification or experience in family medicine by giving him 2,433 records last November obtained by violating Federal HIPPA law, Civil Rights for legitimate medical care and as required by Florida Health Care Laws, and rights to access so only those in prison can now get competent health care. Then DOH counsel again without a search warrant issued as required, would swoop down and with no probable cause, no recourse, declares their target guilty without access to see the evidence against them, or confront their accuser, or any kind of due process are simply without any hearing or trial - declared guilty. Governor Scott in his press release – bypassed every law by granting emergency police powers to DOH lawyers, accountants, and clerks, with no policies or accountability but just his attempt to spread Government immunity to those which may have no medical training, experience, or education – Pain patients often refer to these violations to both Federal and State Law the “Pill Gestapo” or “Florida Health Nazi’s” or the “Untouchables in Suits” DOH Counsel then went to every pharmacy and seized medication and issued orders that cut off all purchases of pain management to fill legal legitimate prescriptions. I have filed Sunshine Law and FOIL requests with DOH refusing to honor the legal requirements sending just 24 pages, where one page indicates over 2000 pages are kept in secret. Truman Medical is now "The New Truman Medical" that forced several doctors to resign, and legitimate pain management has been suspended in the Keys and my doctor now says I must go to Miami each month to a hospital for the care and treatment of any kind including the 9/11 Health Monitoring which confirms all my conditions each year. If you send me a direct email address, I will forward all the evidence and exhibits, because in a different stage in my life I was certified to teach, train, and issue NYS certifications for law enforcement, Emergency Services, Regulatory Standards, and hold two patents, and written a dozen books. Now forced to live on Social Security Disability alone, I do not have the $400.00 Federal Court Filing Fee, but if you look at the Writ of Mandamus I have prepared, on this upcoming 9/11 anniversary, I would be happy to be your "Joe The Plumber" if we can end this blatant violation of a half dozen civil rights, recover damages for a huge vulnerable class suffering because they are disabled (no exception was made for our injured veterans returning with injuries, and pain. Now, if Governor Scott enjoys doing what he did in his previous work history of illegal actions and ripping off not Medicare this time but ripping off doctors by fabricated evidence he cannot or will not produce, but this time protected by political immunity (which is limited ) I beg you to let me give you the evidence and exhibits and this should make you a hero for exposing this takeover of health care access, and help your election chances as your opposition would have little time to get up to speed. Governor Scott has not only gotten away with installing his own "death panels" but doubled the cost of health care in Florida at the same time denying legitimate installed "Pain and Suffering" panels, cutting off supplies which drives up cost. When you are asked what would you propose to address any real substance abuse with any kind of Medication, Florida already has a working, effective model for a process to kill any true "Pill Mills" which is to copy the same system they put in place to end access to antihistamine which are broken down to make Meth. A simple I.D. tracking and limit amount purchased in a fixed time period. Those of use with proven verifiable pain management injuries or disease, would have to go for a pain management need and verification card issued, like they use out west for cannabis. But I already use one or two canes to walk further then 800 feet and spent years in a wheel chair.
So, I am spending my afternoon sending this email to elected officials, before media distribution and viral video so if I do not get a way to send you verification on your own, I will move on. Since I have informed you of Constitutional violations and offered you verification I wonder if it was just a photo op or as they say “walk the walk or just talk the talk”.
But do you remember taking this Oath required to be in Congress:
“I, Your Name, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God”
Email: thomsenj@bellsouth.net
James M. Thomsen Sr.
Box 5572, KW, FL 33045
305-294-63444 (between 1pm to 7pm

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