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Connie Mack: I don't need to debate Republicans in Senate primary. It's over

FullBasking in high poll numbers and the major endorsement of Gov. Jeb Bush, Connie Mack has declined an invitation to participate in a statewide prime-time televised debate, effectively declaring the GOP U.S. Senate primary over.

"It’s clear the race for the U.S. Senate in Florida is now between Connie Mack, the Republican, and Bill Nelson, the Democrat," Mack campaign manager Jeff Cohen wrote in a letter to Jeanne Grinstead, deputy managing editor of the Tampa Bay Times.

Grinstead is organizing the July 26 debate with co-hosts Bay News 9 and Florida PBS and its member stations. The primary is Aug. 14. But Florida voters won't have an opportunity to hear from Mack, who has a big lead in the polls.

"A primary debate among Republicans would only serve to benefit Bill Nelson," Cohen wrote adding that a debate between Mack and Nelson "makes all the sense in the world."

Mack has faced aggressive questions over his credentials by rival George LeMieux. Other candidates include Mike McCalister and Dave Weldon.

Posted by Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times


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harry houdini

Make is an empty suit, now an empty chair!

in the know

What a joke he is.

Saving FL Future

Mack won't debate because he can't.
He speaks like a child, can't think on his feet, and has no chance in a debate against Nelson who is a seasoned veteran statesman.
Republicans should want to see how outmatched he is going to be before they decide he is their candidate.
All reports from the events he has spoken at have not been good.
I am sure his campaign team is mortified of him in front of cameras having to ask questions that are not softballs, which should be the ball in his logo instead of a baseball. It is truly his closest relation to a baseball other than the time he got in a bar fight with Atlanta Braves baseball player. Funny Story.


This candidate has zero credentials and I agree with the previous blogger....I would never recommend him and I believe the polls are faked. Check out his experiences...he is simply the grandchild and son of famous men. He has long coat tails and walks around with his tail between his legs and a golden spoon in his mouth with scrambled eggs all over his face.


Considering Mack has lost every straw poll this year after voters had an opportunity to hear them speak, I am not surprised. Good strategy move by his campaign but grassroot activists are firmly with Lemieux. We want to defeat Nelson - if Mack is the nominee, he will get my vote but it will be an embarrassing loss.


Connie Mack is the definition of arrogant. He declares that the primary election is over, before anyone has voted. Has he notified Secretary of State Detzner and all of the county election officials? What is amusing is that Mack has so little about which to be arrogant.




What a fool. Nelson will crush this clown.

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